• Stable 1.4.3 e71108d7c3


    dnkl released this 1 year ago | 2518 commits to master since this release


    • Section to README.md describing how to programmatically identify foot.
    • LICENSE, README.md and CHANGELOG.md are now installed to
    • Support for escaping quotes in pipe-visible and pipe-scrollback commands.


    • Primary DA to no longer indicate support for Selective Erase, Technical Characters and Terminal State Interrogation.
    • Secondary DA to report foot as a VT220 instead of a VT420.
    • Secondary DA to report foot's version number in parameter 2, the Firmware Version. The string is made up of foot's major, minor and patch version numbers, always using two digits for each version number and without any other separating characters. Thus, 1.4.2 would be reported as 010402 (i.e. the full response would be
    • Scrollback search to only move the viewport if the match lies outside it.
    • Scrollback search to focus match, that requires a viewport change, roughly in the center of the screen.
    • Extending a selection with the right mouse button now works while dragging the mouse.


    • Crash in scrollback search.
    • Crash when a pipe-visible or pipe-scrollback command contained an unclosed quote (#49).