• Stable 1.3.0 3ed177bb39


    dnkl released this 1 year ago | 2854 commits to master since this release


    • User configurable key- and mouse bindings. See man 5 foot and the example footrc (#1)
    • initial-window-mode option to footrc, that lets you control the initial mode for each newly spawned window: windowed, maximized or fullscreen.
    • app-id option to footrc and --app-id command line option, that sets the app-id property on the Wayland window.
    • title option to footrc and --title command line option, that sets the initial window title.
    • Right mouse button extends the current selection.
    • CSI Ps ; Ps ; Ps t escape sequences for the following parameter: 11t, 13t, 13;2t, 14t, 14;2t, 15t, 19t.
    • Unicode combining characters.


    • Spaces no longer removed from zsh font name completions.
    • Default key binding for spawn-terminal to ctrl+shift+n.
    • Renderer is now much faster with interactive scrolling (#4)
    • memfd sealing failures are no longer fatal errors.
    • Selection to no longer be cleared on resize.
    • The current monitor's subpixel order (RGB/BGR/V-RGB/V-BGR) is preferred over FontConfig's rgba property. Only if the monitor's subpixel order is unknown is FontConfig's rgba property used. If the subpixel order is none, then grayscale antialiasing is used. The subpixel order is ignored if antialiasing has been disabled.
    • The four primary font variants (normal, bold, italic, bold italic) are now loaded in parallel. This speeds up both the initial startup time, as well as a DPI changes.
    • Command line parsing no longer tries to parse arguments following the command-to-execute. This means one can now write foot sh -c true instead of foot -- sh -c true.


    • Keyboard/pointer handler workarounds for Sway 1.2.


    • Sixel images moved or deleted on window resize.
    • Cursor sometimes incorrectly restored on exit from alternate screen.
    • 'Underline' cursor being invisible on underlined text.
    • Restored cursor position in 'normal' screen when window was resized while in 'alt' screen.
    • Hostname in OSC 7 URI not being validated.
    • OSC 4 with multiple c;spec pairs.
    • Alt+Return to emit "ESC \r".
    • Trackpad sloooow scrolling to eventually scroll a line.
    • Memory leak in terminal reset.
    • Translation of cursor coordinates on resize
    • Scaling color specifiers in OSC sequences.
    • OSC 12 ? to return the cursor color, not the cursor's text color.
    • OSC 12;#000000 to configure the cursor to use inverted foreground/background colors.
    • Call ioctl(TIOCSCTTY) on the pts fd in the slave process.