• 1.2.0 4c56c8c63d

    1.2.0 Stable

    dnkl released this 3 years ago | 4111 commits to master since this release


    • Run-time text resize using ctrl-+, ctrl-- and ctrl-0
    • Font size adjusts dynamically to outputs' DPI
    • Reflow text when resizing window
    • pad option to footrc
    • login-shell option to footrc and --login-shell command line option
    • Client side decorations (CSDs). This finally makes foot usable on GNOME.
    • Sixel graphics support
    • OSC 12 and 112 escape sequences (set/reset text cursor color)
    • REP CSI escape sequence
    • oc to terminfo
    • foot-server.desktop file
    • Window and cell size reporting escape sequences
    • --hold command line option
    • --print-pid=FILE|FD command line option


    • Subpixel antialiasing is only enabled when background is opaque
    • Meta/alt ESC prefix can now be disabled with \E[?1036l. In this mode, the 8:th bit is set and the result is UTF-8 encoded. This can also be disabled with \E[?1024l (in which case the Alt key is effectively being ignored).
    • terminfo now uses ST instead of BEL as OSC terminator
    • Logging prints to stderr, not stdout
    • Backspace now emits DEL (^?), and ctrl+backspace emits BS (^H)


    • '28' from DA response