• Stable 1.13.0 e0465d3a7a


    dnkl released this 2 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • XDG activation support when opening URLs (#1058).
    • -Dsystemd-units-dir=<path> meson command line option.
    • Support for custom environment variables in foot.ini (#1070).
    • Support for jumping to previous/next prompt (requires shell integration). By default bound to ctrl+shift+z and ctrl+shift+x respectively (#30).
    • colors.search-box-no-match and colors.search-box-match options to foot.ini (#1112).
    • Very basic Unicode input mode via the new key-bindings.unicode-input and search-bindings.unicode-input key bindings. Note that there is no visual feedback, as the preferred way of entering Unicode characters is with an IME (#1116).
    • Support for xdg_toplevel.wm_capabilities, to adapt the client-side decoration buttons to the compositor capabilities (#1061).


    • Use $HOME instead of getpwuid() to retrieve the user’s home directory when searching for foot.ini.
    • HT, VT and FF are no longer stripped when pasting in non-bracketed mode (#1084).
    • NUL is now stripped when pasting in non-bracketed mode (#1084).
    • alt+escape now emits \E\E instead of a CSI 27 sequence (#1105).


    • Graphical corruption when viewport is at the top of the scrollback, and the output is scrolling.
    • Improved text reflow of logical lines with trailing empty cells (#1055)
    • IME focus is now tracked independently from keyboard focus.
    • Workaround for buggy compositors (e.g. some versions of GNOME) allowing drag-and-drops even though foot has reported it does not support the offered mime-types (#1092).
    • Keyboard enter/leave events being ignored if there is no keymap (#1097).
    • Crash when application emitted an invalid CSI 38;5;<idx>m, CSI 38:5:<idx>m, CSI 48;5;<idx>m or CSI 48:5:<idx>m sequence (#1111).
    • Certain dead-key combinations resulting in different escape sequences compared to kitty, when the kitty keyboard protocol is used (#1120).
    • Search matches ending with a double-width character not being highlighted correctly.
    • Selection not being cancelled correctly when scrolled out.
    • Extending a multi-page selection behaving inconsistently.
    • Poor performance when making very large selections (#1114).
    • Bogus error message when using systemd socket activation for serve mode (#1107)
    • Empty line at the bottom after a window resize (#1108).


    • Craig Barnes
    • Lorenz
    • Max Gautier
    • Simon Ser
    • Stefan Prosiegel