• Stable 1.1.0 9567b29d1e


    dnkl released this 2 years ago | 3500 commits to master since this release

    Lots of changes, improvements and bug fixes

    • Implemented blinking cursor. This can be enabled in the
      configuration, or programatically.
    • Block cursor rendered as a hollow rectangle when window is unfocused
    • Fixes to the zsh completions
    • UTF-8 locale is now enforced
    • Speed improvements to the VT parser. Small cache CPUs benefit the most.
    • Added support for OSC 7; this allows the client (shell) to inform
      the terminal about the current working directory.
    • Set 'RGB' flag in the terminfo.
    • Differentiate between visual focus and keyboard focus.
    • When background is opaque, inform the compositor about this.
    • Implemented block selections (press ctrl and drag mouse).
    • Speed improvements when client turns on and off mouse tracking very
      fast (for example, 'less' with mouse tracking enabled).
    • Implemented Application Synchronized Updates (BSU/ESU).