• Fix crash when monitor reports bogus physical width/height bug
    #1210 by dnkl was closed 2 weeks ago
  • render: never apply alpha to text color bug
  • pgo: don’t re-use the rows between the ‘normal’ and ‘alt’ grids bug
    #1197 by dnkl was merged 2 months ago
  • Fix crash when moving viewport after reverse-scrolling in the 'normal' screen bug
  • sixel: don’t crash when sixel image exceeds current sixel max height bug
  • render: delay reflow for ‘resize-delay-ms’ milliseconds bug
    #1187 by dnkl was merged 2 months ago
  • scripts: generate-builtin-terminfo: double-escape backslash in ST bug
  • Fix visual glitches when scrolling in the scrollback, on KDE/plasma bug
  • terminal: don’t unref a not-yet-referenced key-binding set bug
  • url-mode: connect osc-8 links only when both ID and URI matches bug
  • grid: reflow: don't set first row in the scrollback history to NULL bug regression
  • selection: never highlight selected, empty cells bug
  • grid: get rid of empty row at the bottom after reflowing bug
  • selection: avoid iterating the entire selection when modifying it bug performance
  • search: find_next(): handle trailing SPACER cells bug
  • input: kitty: always treat composed characters as ‘printable’ bug
    #1121 by dnkl was merged 4 months ago
  • csi: clamp color index for ‘CSI 38/48 ; 5 ; idx m’ sequences bug
  • input: don’t ignore keyboard enter/leave events when there’s no keymap bug
  • Track IME focus independently from keyboard focus bug
    #1087 by dnkl was merged 6 months ago
  • Don't trim trailing empty cells when reflowing a line without a hard linebreak bug
  • commands: scroll up: simplify viewport clamping logic bug refactor
  • config: use $HOME instead of getpwuid() to retrieve users’s home dir bug
    #1072 by dnkl was merged 6 months ago
  • wayland: throttle xdg activation token requests for window urgency bug