• Refactor and improve handling of compose sequences performance refactor
  • commands: scroll up: simplify viewport clamping logic bug refactor
  • Tie key bindings to both seat and terminal instance bug refactor
  • render: implement search-mode and 'flash' using a sub-surface overlay refactor
  • wayland: optionally disable pointer input on subsurfaces refactor
  • config: config_free(): pass conf struct by pointer, not by-value refactor
  • config: simplify lookup of foot.ini refactor
  • Refactor: structuring of key-bindings and their AUX data refactor
  • Refactor selection coordinates bug refactor
  • Use plain integer arguments instead of struct coord in term_erase() refactor
    #862 by dnkl was merged 11 months ago
  • Store color table index, not value, in cell's fg/bg attributes refactor
  • kitty: replace switch with a static keysym table refactor
    #839 by dnkl was merged 12 months ago
  • Switch from tllist to re-sizable array for OSC-8 storage refactor
  • term: track cell color source refactor
  • user-notification: config: various small cleanups refactor
  • Refactor config.c refactor
    #781 by dnkl was merged 1 year ago
  • osc: use STRLEN() macro to make parse_rgb() more self-documenting refactor
  • fcft-3.0 refactor
    #689 by dnkl was merged 10 months ago