• scripts: generate-builtin-terminfo: double-escape backslash in ST bug
  • key-binding: add binds for changing alpha
  • vt: underline colors and style from kitty
  • Add new key-binding: "extend-to-end-line"
    #1095 opened 3 months ago by lbia
  • Clickable URLs enhancement
    #1090 opened 4 months ago by dnkl 2 conflicting files
  • selection: fix inconsistency in block selections
    #1057 opened 5 months ago by c7s
  • WIP: wp-fractional-scale-v1 support
  • themes/solarized-light: Swap bright0 and bright1 color
  • Add Palenight, Nord and TokyoNight Storm themes
  • Implement rectangular edit functions enhancement