• revert: fix calculation of advance widths in bitmap fonts bug
  • svg: don’t crash when failing with “multi-glyph rendering is unsupported” bug
  • fcft: force render flags to FT_RENDER_MODE_NORMAL for SVG glyphs bug
  • fcft: initial support for OT-SVG glyphs enhancement
    #50 by dnkl was merged 7 months ago
  • fcft: font’s full name may be NULL - don’t crash when it is bug
  • meson: execute generate_unicode_precompose.sh in a C locale bug
  • meson: change default C standard from C18 to C11
    #42 by dnkl was merged 12 months ago
  • fcft: handle pixel size fixup being 0.0 bug
  • meson: make scdoc optional
  • Emoji presentation style + mixed LTR/RTL enhancement
  • Make sure glyph and grapheme cache entries are properly initialized bug
  • WIP: codeberg CI
    #36 by dnkl was merged 1 year ago
  • 3.0 API changes
    #35 by dnkl was merged 10 months ago