Iroha API
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Iroha Node

Iroha API application - glue between DIVA application and Iroha. Created by DIVA.EXCHANGE.

Get Started

DIVA.EXCHANGE offers preconfigured packages to start or join the DIVA.EXCHANGE Iroha testnet.

It's probably best to use the preconfigured package "diva-dockerized" (

For experienced users on an operating systems supporting Docker (Linux, Windows, MacOS) the following instructions will help to get started.

Using Docker Compose

Clone the code repository from the public repository:

git clone -b master
cd iroha-node

To start a local Iroha Node (proxy) make sure you have "Docker Compose" installed ( Check your Docker Compose installation by executing docker-compose --version in a terminal.

If you have Docker Compose available, execute within your iroha-node folder:

sudo docker-compose up -d

To stop the container using Docker Compose, execute:

sudo docker-compose down

To stop the container, including the removal of the related volume (data of the container gets removed) using Docker Compose, execute:

sudo docker-compose down --volumes

Contact the Developers

Talk to us via Telegram (English or German).


Your donation goes entirely to the project. Your donation makes the development of DIVA.EXCHANGE faster.

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