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I2P Reseed Server

Credits: work based on Please see the README there to understand the roots of this project.

Source Code:

Changes & Important Notes

This version of the I2P Reseed Server does neither implement any (bandwidth) throttling nor any user agent checks. This makes the server slightly lighter (the dependency to "" has been removed). In general, at, we would like to have a minimum of dependencies. But that's just our view.

As a consequence, the network infrastructure must protect this I2P Reseed Server from abuse (like DoS). A reverse proxy (like nginx), a load balancer and a suitable firewall infrastructure is therefore a necessity.

Target user group: advanced users.

Get Started

We recommended to run this I2P reseed server as a docker container. Pull it as: docker pull divax/i2p-reseed

A persistent docker volume is recommended. This is needed to store the keys (private and public). Therefore:

docker volume create i2preseed

To start the container it is required to pass your signer ID to the container. This is done via an environment variable (-e).

Either the signer ID is already available within the persistent container volume, or it gets created.

docker run -e "SIGNER=abc@xyz.tld" -d -p 8443:8443 --mount type=volume,src=i2preseed,dst=/home/i2preseed/ --name i2preseed divax/i2p-reseed:latest

Building from Source

Fetch the source code from codeberg,, using git or just download it. Example:

cd /tmp/ && git clone

Building the Docker Image

Navigate to the i2p-reseed project folder (like cd /tmp/i2p-reseed)

Execute ./bin/ This will build i2p-tools (Go program) within the Alpine Linux docker container.

Building the Go Program i2p-tools on Your Host

Make sure you have "go" installed (like apt-get install go). Navigate to the project home (where you have downloaded the code of i2p-reseed from codeberg, like cd /tmp/i2p-reseed).

Set the GOPATH, which is the project root,

export GOPATH=${PWD}

then navigate to

cd ./src/i2p-tools

and execute

go install

and all done. The binary is now available as ./bin/i2p-tools.

Contact the Developers

Talk to us via Telegram (English or German).

Addendum - Public key of

The public key of the reseed server is located within ./certificates.