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May these be useful.
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David Goerger 34b860473a alacritty: decorations_theme_variant s/dark/Dark/ apparently 3 weeks ago
bin missed in previous 5 months ago
sysconfs chromium: disable "high-efficiency mode" 3 months ago
LICENSE roll copyright 5 months ago
README drop ifdefs for FreeBSD and NetBSD 7 months ago
Xresources fix comment 12 months ago
alacritty.yml alacritty: decorations_theme_variant s/dark/Dark/ apparently 3 weeks ago
bashrc simplify bashrc so that all it does is exit if invoked non-interactively 1 year ago
cwmrc cwm: undef menu-ssh keybinding, unused 1 year ago
exrc cleanup 4 months ago
gitconfig add 'git reflogs' alias 3 months ago
kshrc ps(1) functions: use 'user', not 'uid' 1 month ago
mailcap mailcap: remove custom handling for Microsoft Word; these file attachments are rare enough that they can be handled ad-hoc and not automatically in mutt(1) 1 year ago
mg mg: automatically delete trailing whitespace 1 year ago
mpv.conf add mpv.conf 9 months ago
muttrc sort mail in chronological order, not reverse chronological order 3 months ago
nvim.lua enable syntax highlighting for jenkinsfiles (groovy) 9 months ago
profile mv ~/.profile -> ~/.kshrc 2 years ago
pythonrc update for python3.6+ 1 year ago
ssh_config sync ssh 2 years ago
tmux.conf broader true colour support 4 months ago
xscreensaver switch to xscreensaver(1) from xlock(1) 2 years ago
xsession sync 10 months ago
zshrc zsh unset histfile if filesystem is readonly 4 months ago



May these be useful.


Unless otherwise noted, these confs and scripts should work correctly
on OpenBSD-current, with versions tagged corresponding with each

Dotfiles, as well as a subset of sysconfs and bin scripts, are also
regularly battle-tested against Alpine- and Debian-stable.

macOS is tested infrequently, and dotfiles-only.


Besides daily use, scripts should pass the following linters:

- shell scripts: https://github.com/koalaman/shellcheck