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Tested only with MIO10 and iConnect Audio 4+ (where only MIDI-Configuration works...)

  • what works

    • Searching for devices on all alsa ports
    • Setting the device name
    • Setting the network parameters
    • Setting the routes
    • Storing all settings to FLASH
    • Reading all setting from FLASH (1)
    • Restore current configuration to factory default (1)
  • known problems

    • in general error handling is currently nearly not implemented. I still don't have a concept
    • (1) after reading the settings from flash or restoring to factory default, the application might crash - I'm still not sure what the problem is.



  • dependencies
  • I moved some controls to a separate project. See for instructions


  • new functionality
  • configuration of audio enabled devices integrated
  • global audio configuration
  • audio mixing
  • audio routing
  • fixes
  • better error handling
  • memory leaks fixed


someone might try;-)


someone might try;-)