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Oddjobs/Suboptimal runs & activities!

Just spitballing here! Although it seems like an obvious thing to do, I’m not 100% convinced that we have to associate a particular activity (e.g. “Ravana/Papulatus”) with each time. An alternative approach is to merely set times, and then depending on who “shows up” (on Discord and/or in-game), those in attendance can decide what to do.

All times are in UTC (a.k.a. GMT, a.k.a. server time, a.k.a. ST).

day time activity(?)
Wednesday ≈12:00 Low-level & area bosses: Mushmom, Capt. Latanica, Headless Horseman, ZMM, Stumpy, Bigfoot, Leviathan, Manon/Griffey, Pianus, Black Crow(‽), Kacchuu Musha(‽‽)…
Saturday ≈22:00 Assorted PQs: PPQ/MLGPQ, KPQ, LPQ, EPQ, OPQ, LMPQ, MPQ/R&JPQ…
Sunday 05:00 Ravana/Papulatus!
Sunday 08:00 SPQ/APQ!

Can I join?

If you’re afraid that your odd-jobbed character is unable to participate in some of the activities above, consider the actual requirements:

  • SPQ/APQ: For SPQ, no requirements. For APQ, level ≥40 and married.
  • Low-level & area bosses: No requirements. Area bosses range all the way from Mano to Kacchuu Musha, and everything in between. There’s almost certainly at least one area boss (including Capt. Latanica as a “low-level” boss) in the game that is appropriate for your character to have a challenging fight against. That being said, we tend to hover around the HH/Capt. Lat level, but don’t let that discourage you from suggesting a lower-level run.
  • Assorted PQs: Must be level ≤100. PQs start around level 10 (with HPQ), and go as high as level 100 with PPQ/MLGPQ. Technically, HPQ allows any level ≥10 character to participate, but usually, taking an overleveled character is just too much for our purposes.
  • Ravana/Papulatus: At least 3.3k–3.4k MAXHP clean, to survive with HB. For Papulatus specifically, prequests are required (level ≥80 for prequests).

Signup sheet

Use this sheet to sign up for runs! Don’t be afraid to sign up even if the event is starting very soon, or has recently already started! (short link:

Who runs?

There’s always the (quite likely) possibility that we have an issue with attendance. In general, we expect that an attendance issue is a result of having too few people. Of course, the opposite (having too many people) is possible, as well. So, how do we fix either of these issues?

With two few people, our options are basically:

  • Recruit more people to fill in the gaps.
  • Do something else that we do have enough people for.
  • Give up.

With too many people, our options are basically:

  • Split up into more parties than are currently formed.
  • Some people just don’t participate.

We have a similar issue in both cases: in the former case, with “recruit[ing] more people to fill in the gaps”; in the latter case, with “some people just don’t participate”. Both of these options ask the question of: who should be (un-)recruited? To help answer this question, we can make a kind of “priority list” — those who are closer to the top of the list have higher priority (more likely to be recruited, less likely to be un-recruited) than those further down:

  1. Odd-jobbed characters who are members of Suboptimal.
  2. Odd-jobbed characters who are not members of Suboptimal.
  3. Non-odd characters who are members of Suboptimal.
  4. Non-odd characters who are not members of Suboptimal.

Notice that we’re including non-odd characters in this priority list, although they always have strictly lower priority than any odd-jobbed character. The reasoning here is that I want to allow mixed runs (“mixed” meaning some odd characters, some non-odd), but obviously prioritise fully-odd runs. Mixed runs may be necessary when we lack enough people to do a run, especially if that run has demanding requirements!

The one exception here is SPQ, which is so guild-based that I want all SPQ runs to be Oddjobs-only. That being said, it’s okay with me if odd-jobbers from other guilds join Oddjobs temporarily for the purpose of SPQing. Just so long as they aren’t non-odd characters.

Red (leader of the GangGang guild, but also has some characters in Suboptimal) suggested doing some kind of joint Suboptimal-Dream (Dream is the alliance that GangGang is in with Chroma) runs of tough-ish things like Ravana and Papulatus. This would give some odd characters the chance to participate in these kinds of runs and see what it’s all about. Also, if you have a non-odd character that can attend a run, even though none of your odd ones can, you can still help fill attendence gaps, if such gaps arise.