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*strange dish 2 | curse eye tail, cold eye tail
*the old tree
*chief stan's letter | -> omega
*pirate's map | -> ppq
*eliminate monsters from the site
*winston's fossil dig-up
*dr. betty's research on plants | leaf (100)*, firewood (50)*, weighted earrings*
*i need help on my homework! | slime bubble (10)*, tree branch (30)*, squishy liquid (30)*
*i'm bored | squishy liquid (40)*, tree branch (40)*
*icarus' hang glider | stirge wing (50)*, stiff feather (50)*, processed wood (10)*
*icarus and the balloon | tablecloth (100)
*icarus and the flying pill | medicine with weird vibes (50)*
*the lost letter
*eliminate the stone golems
*eliminate the dark stone golems
*eliminate the skeletons
*eliminate the drakes
*eliminate the tauromacis
*the monster and the evil scheme | ligator skin (50)*, croco skin (50)*
*the forest of evil
*mr. wetbottom's secret book | curse eye tail (50)*, pig head (5)*, diamond*, lupin's banana (50)*
*the reason behind the mushroom studies | orange mushroom cap (40)*, mushroom spore (10)*
*i need to find my daughter
*the alligators at the swamp
*notice from the excavation team
*a spell that seals up a critical danger
^today's schedule | cog (100)
*defeat king clang!
*goddess' pet
*delivering food to spiruna | apple (20)*, egg (20)*, orange (20)*
*moppie the lone dawg
*fairy's horn flute | solid horn (100), stiff feather (20), leather (10)
*lisa's special medicine | orange potion (40)*, blue potion (20)*, antidote*, fierry's tentacle*
*scadur's new fur coat | -> el nath, sapphire ore (60)*, yeti's horn (100)*, hector's tail (300)*, white fang tail (300)*
*the lost guard
*toy soldier's walnut
?a delivery to a lost time
*cleaning up the inner parts of eos tower
*cleaning up helios tower
*rightful donation culture | sapphire
*mason the collector
*free spirit | free spirit (100)*
*the binding | binding bridle (20)*
*the soul collector
*bloctopus is an alien? | bloctopus keychain
*eliminating grays
*Eliminating Chief Gray
*The History of Zeta Leticulan
*the alarm clock | table clocks (20)
*eliminating mateon
*collecting 100 mateon tentacles
*fuel for mt-09
*eliminating aliens
*the effort to make-up
*collecting meteorite samples
*Hoony's Toothache | Pain Reliever
^assembling the alarm clock
delivering the alarm clock
^The Control Program Rombot
*supplying the robotic parts | -> ludi*
*retrieving the robotic parts
*artifical combatant zeno | receiving apparatus (30)*, small spaceship (30)*, grey tentacle (10)*, chief gray's sign (1)*, zeno (1)*
*mr. shim's request
*the kids that became the sun and moon
*kong ji's request
*brotherly love
*the lost seed
*the story of axes | axes
*the tree-cutter's test
*goblin at black mountain
*the legendary being's scroll | -> mu lung*
*the fox hunt | three-tailed foxtail (333)*
*secret love affair with seal meat | seal meat (15)*
*legends of hometown
*photographer cho's request | -> mr. yang*, plow (100)*, {tripod, 6.5kexp}, -> Cho the photographer*, {1.8kexp}
*enraged livestock | sheep skin (100)*, white horn (100)*, {11kexp}
*mr. yang's introduction | {recommendation letter}, -> chief officer chu*, {500exp}
*proof of qualification | black horn (100)*, nose ring (100)*, {7kexp}
*the secret operation | {shanghai permit}, -> officer lim*
> *a request from officer chung | black fur (50)*, {3.5kexp}
-> the path [JQ]*, centipede red marble*, -> chief officer chu*, {17.5kexp, cape wdef 60%}
mayor's request
the door to bai shan
technical assignment
the secret of ghostship
malek's joy of music
chee wee's worries
nuri's health and beauty
surprise birthday party
present for brother
merry-go-round in kampung
away from kampung
off to the fantasy theme park
ito's request
kumo's request
pam's request
yaku's request
recipe for the medicine
the sacred barrier of the forest
*sakura and the teddy bear | teddy's cotton (50)
*sakura, the kitty, and the orange marble | fried chicken (300)
the secret of ninja castle
cooperation | kunoichi dagger (50)
the world's greatest fruit store
thawee fixing the roof
a morning at the temple
the welcoming ritual
sick snack needs food i
floating market protection squad i
the plan to win his heart
the craftsman from floating market
the ugly's quest for beauty
seeking permission from the village[...]
kith & his ailing mother
chai's first crush
jit hates snakes
gathering information
mischievous little monkeys
the invasion of the wild animals
helping the tourist
*making mind & heart medicine
*making body & physics medicine
*eliminating the escaped pot
*intruder - the herb farm
*no gong's teaching
^do gong searching for the swallow | -> kft*, peach (1)*, -> kft* -> mu lung
*tae soo protecting the peach tree
*finding the ingredients for tae sang | ginseng concentrate (100)*, bellflower concentrate (50)* | PPQ
*do gong's teaching | The Book Ghost's Sheet of Paper (10)*
*eliminating the pirates | PPQ
*making mastery medicine
*protecting the peach farm | peach seed (100)
*mr. do's book on herbal medicine
*operation eliminate red-nosed pirates
*the forgotten master | old paper (10)*, broken deer horn (10)*, peach seed (50)*
*eliminating king sage cat | cat doll (100)*
*[ariant questline]
*for the little prince | desert mist (5)*, telescope (20)*
*the desert bounty
*queen's new make-up kit | sand (20)*
*in search for his sister
*sejan's good habit | bronze arrow for bow (10000)*
*humanoid just wants to be human | -> el nath* -> magatia*, piece of mithril (100)*, gelatin (50)*, may mist (5)*
*a present for keeny | piece of steel (100)*, hardened piece of steel (100)*
*keeny's research on roid | wires (80)*
*keeny's research on neo huroid! | plug (160)*
*keeny's research on d.roid!! | broken mechanical heart (1)*
*[magatia questline]
*the fairy in despair 1 | -> orbis*, lunar pixie's moonpiece (100)*, fierry's tentacle (10)*, -> magatia*
*the fairy in despair 2 | -> orbis*, luster pixie's sunpiece (100)*, fierry's tentacle (10)*, -> magatia*
*the problems with life alchemy | sand rat (150)*
*the importance of life alchemy | scorpion (80)*, scorpion sting (40)*
*queen's tea 1 | -> orbis*
*queen's tea 2 | jr. sentinel (30)*
*queen's tea 3 | -> ariant*
*protect nero! | jr. cellion (50)*, jr. lioner (50)*, jr. grupin (50)*, solid horn (50)*
*Lost in the Ocean | SOS Letter*, Pure Water* -> omega sector* -> aqua*
*hughes' hobby | toy baby seal (10)*
*hughes' weird invention | snorkle (50)*, air bubble (50)*, steel plate (5)*, screw (30)*
*hughes' research material | seal skin (20)*, seal tooth (20)*
*hughes' new research | poopa egg (100)*, poison poopa's poisonous spikes (100)*
*The Blocked Path of the Ocean
nanuke's ingredients [95] | frozen shark's fin (80), ink bottle (150)
muse is cooking
*el nath
*master sergeant fox's secret | jr. pepe's fish (50)*, apple (10)*, egg (10)*, red-bean soup (10)*
*alcaster's cape | garnet (4)*, the magic rock (2)*, dark leatty's furball (40)*, hector's tail (2)*
*snowfield giant
clean up of taipei streets
collect dog food
jay chou's request
master's hobby 1
master's hobby 2
filial piety of the girl who sells gum
sparkly eyes (1)
dreamy park concert
*subani's legacy
finding jack
lost in translation
*cleaning up the streets
*urban jungle
*urban jungle continued