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  • the forest
  • I’m deer, leader of the Oddjobs guild in MapleLegends. You may know me in-game as cervid, capreolina, cervine, rusa, tarandus, alces, ozotoceros, d34r, d33r, hashishi, panolia, kinds, sorts, hydropotina, potpan, or sets.

  • Joined on Aug 19, 2020

My personal website (artefacts). See

Updated 18 hours ago

A minimal & simplistic CLI to the scroll_strategist algorithms

Updated 2 months ago

Smol program to convert Markdown to BBCode, in XenForo or ProBoards style

Updated 2 months ago

A very smol Rust library that I made specifically for (de)serialising a special-sauce format of RON that represents pre-BB MapleStory jobs.

Updated 1 year ago

MapleLegends odd weapons for odd jobs. A personal list.

Updated 2 years ago