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Linus Torvalds 1204c70d9d Merge git:// 1 year ago
acpi cpufreq: Use per-policy frequency QoS 2 years ago
asm-generic Merge branch 'next-lockdown' of git:// 2 years ago
clocksource clocksource/drivers/hyperv: Enable TSC page clocksource on 32bit 2 years ago
crypto Merge branch 'next-integrity' of git:// 2 years ago
drm drm: Measure Self Refresh Entry/Exit times to avoid thrashing 2 years ago
dt-bindings Main MIPS changes for v5.4: 2 years ago
keys request_key improvements 2 years ago
kvm KVM: arm/arm64: vgic: Use a single IO device per redistributor 2 years ago
linux Merge git:// 1 year ago
math-emu nds32: Mark expected switch fall-throughs 2 years ago
media media: v4l2-core: introduce a helper to unregister a i2c subdev 2 years ago
misc auxdisplay: charlcd: move charlcd.h to drivers/auxdisplay 2 years ago
net net: annotate lockless accesses to sk->sk_napi_id 1 year ago
pcmcia It's been a relatively busy cycle for docs: 2 years ago
ras RAS: Use consistent types for UUIDs 2 years ago
rdma RDMA/uverbs: Prevent potential underflow 2 years ago
scsi SCSI fixes on 20191015 2 years ago
soc Char/Misc driver patches for 5.4-rc1 2 years ago
sound ASoC: Fixes for v5.4 2 years ago
target scsi: target/iscsi: Handle too large immediate data buffers correctly 2 years ago
trace for-5.4-rc4-tag 2 years ago
uapi fuse fixes for 5.4-rc6 1 year ago
vdso vdso: Remove superfluous #ifdef __KERNEL__ in vdso/datapage.h 2 years ago
video fbdev: da8xx: remove panel_power_ctrl() callback from platform data 2 years ago
xen xen: fixes and cleanups for 5.4-rc2 2 years ago
Kbuild - New Drivers 2 years ago