A virtual currency betting bot for Twitch chat. https://ddark.net/better
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#ifndef BETTER_IRC_H
#define BETTER_IRC_H
static DWORD _irc_main(App* app);
bool irc_init(App* app);
void irc_cleanup(App* app);
bool irc_connect(App* app);
void irc_disconnect(App* app);
void irc_timed_reconnect(App* app);
bool dns_thread_running(App* app);
void irc_on_dns_complete(App* app, addrinfo* result);
void irc_on_dns_failed(App* app, DWORD getaddrinfo_error);
void irc_on_connect(App* app);
void irc_on_write(App* app);
void irc_on_read_or_close(App* app);
void irc_handle_message(App* app, IrcMessage* msg);
void irc_queue_write(App* app, char* msg, bool is_privmsg);
static char* parse_extract(char** ptr, char stop_at);
#endif // BETTER_IRC_H