A virtual currency betting bot for Twitch chat. https://ddark.net/better
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#include <imgui.h>
#include <implot.h>
#include "better_types.h"
bool imgui_any_mouse_buttons_held(ImGuiIO& io);
bool imgui_confirmable_button(char* button_text, ImVec2& button_size, bool dark_mode, bool skip_confirm=false);
bool imgui_clickable_text(const char* fmt ...);
void imgui_tooltip(const char* str);
void imgui_tooltipf(const char* fmt, ...);
void imgui_extra(const char* content);
void imgui_push_disabled();
void imgui_pop_disabled();
ImPlotPoint bar_chart_getter(void* app, i32 i);
ImVec4 imgui_mod_color(ImVec4 in_color, f32 h_mod, f32 s_mod, f32 v_mod, f32 a_mod);