NixOS configurations for server and desktop systems, including user specific config using Home Manager
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My NixOS Configurations

NixOS with Pantheon desktop from elementary OS

NixOS is an advanced GNU/Linux distribution featuring declarative configuration and atomic upgrades. You can learn more on

In this repository are the configurations of my NixOS machines.

You can find the configurations from other people in the


My workflow with this code is to rsync it to the machine and symlink the system configuration.

[davidak@X230:~]$ rsync -ah --delete --progress /home/davidak/code/nixos-config/ root@nas.lan:nixos/
[root@nixos:~]# rm /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
[root@nixos:~]# ln -s /root/nixos/machines/compaq_dc7800/configuration.nix /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
[root@nixos:~]# nixos-rebuild switch

This way i can test a change before committing it to the git repository. To update the configuration, just use the first and last command.

For new machines, follow the install instructions in the manual and extend it with inspirations from the machines here.

I use the latest stable release nixos channel to have a reliable system and the nixos-unstable channel to get the latest version for some packages. I also use nixos-hardware channel for hardware specific settings and home-manager for user specific configuration.

Add the channels with this commands:

nix-channel --add nixos
nix-channel --add nixos-unstable
nix-channel --add nixos-hardware
nix-channel --add home-manager
nix-channel --update

(execute as root or with sudo)




Here are the configuration.nix files for my machines. See their README for detailed description.


My personal NixOS modules.


My personal Nix packages.


Options for specific domains like server, desktop or video-production.


Default service configurations.


User specific configuration including dotfiles using Home Manager.


This repository is maintained by davidak.


When you see ways to improve my configurations, create an issue or pull request.

Consider sharing your configuration as well, so we can learn from each other!


Copyright (C) 2015 davidak

Licensed under the MIT license to be compatible with nixpkgs.