Random notes for making a chuwi minibook (8100-Y) work with linux
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Random notes for making a chuwi minibook (8100-Y) work with linux

Tests with debian testing (bullseye)

  • Installation:
    • The firmware-iwlwifi package must be made available to the installer, otherwise wifi will not be available.
    • The installer will not install cryptsetup-initramfs even if the installation is made with encrypted/LVM selection.
  • Almost everything basically works out of the box. Caveats:
    • mmc1 (external micro-sd card reader) outputs errors to dmesg if there is no card inserted. Inserted cards seem to work well.
    • Touchscreen works, but active stylus doesn't. https://gitlab.com/AdyaAdya/goodix-touchscreen-linux-driver adds support for it, but i2c input seems to crash randomly with it.
    • closing the lid to suspend works randomly, sometimes it yields to device-powered-on-but-completely-unresponsive. Pushing the power button to suspend seems to work reliably. Opening the lid afterwards also works reliably.
    • powertop is unable to tune quite a lot of tunables. tlp works well and there are many less tunables left in a "bad" state with it.
    • the fan whine is noticeable, and there is no way to control the fan speed from linux
    • the powerbutton should work also as a fingerprint reader, according to the official drivers it should be made by Focaltech, the device is nower to be seen neither in lspci nor in lsusb. Perhaps it's attached via i2c?