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dalz 676e556cc9 user-dirs.dirs: updated videos and pictures paths 5 days ago
aerc aerc: key bindings 4 months ago
astyle added astylerc 2 years ago
awesome volume 1 year ago
bin dmenu-games: add some games 1 week ago
bspwm Remove weechat 2 years ago
cron mirrors: use repo-specific rankmirrors 12 months ago
dekstop handle magnet links 1 year ago
doom doom: misc 7 months ago
emacs move vc-follow-symlinks to init.el 2 years ago
firefox firefox: css 4 months ago
git git: fix gitignore 7 months ago
gtk-3.0 gtk bookmarks 5 months ago
i3 i3 2 years ago
kitty added kitty; fonts & colors 2 years ago
newsboat newsboat: urls 1 week ago
nvim nvim: latex snippets 1 week ago
polybar trasparent background 3 years ago
qutebrowser fix hashbang 2 years ago
rofi window switcher theme 3 years ago
runit guix 1 year ago
shell .profile: wayland 1 week ago
suckless st, nvim: terminal colors 11 months ago
sway dmenu-books: added 4 weeks ago
sxhkd tabs to spaces 3 years ago
termux osmpush: option to select date 4 weeks ago
tmux tmux 7 months ago
vis vis 7 months ago
weechat weechat: channels 3 months ago
.gitignore weechat 5 months ago
.xinitrc lookaway: added 10 months ago
00-keyboard.conf moved keyboard configuration to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf 3 years ago
alacritty.yml alacritty: remove tmux 7 months ago 12 months ago
gpg-agent.conf use emacs for pinentry 2 years ago
inputrc inputrc: history and completion tweaks 6 months ago
mbsyncrc mailbox synchronization with isync 3 months ago
mimeapps.list mimeapps.list: use zathura as pdf reader 7 months ago claws mail 4 weeks ago
user-dirs.dirs user-dirs.dirs: updated videos and pictures paths 5 days ago