A small project using LoRa to send sensor data long distances.
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haveProg() { # Checks if a program is installed
[ -x "$(which $1)" ]
func_apt() { # Installs git on Debian based OS'
apt update
apt install git -y
func_yum() { # Installs git on RHEL based OS'
yum install git -y
func_pacman() { # Installs git on Arch based OS'
yes | pacman -Sy git
func_zypper() { # Installs git on SUSE based OS'
yes | zypper install git
# Checks if the script is being run as root
if [ `whoami` != root ]; then
echo "Run this script as root or with sudo"
# Checks if git is installed, if not tries to install it
if haveProg git
echo "Git already installed, skipping"
if haveProg apt ; then func_apt
elif haveProg yum ; then func_yum
elif haveProg pacman ; then func_pacman
elif haveProg zypper ; then func_zypper
echo 'OS not supported, try manually installing git then rerun this script.'
# Clones repo
cd /home/pi/
git clone https://codeberg.org/cyberfarmer/LoRaSensors
cd LoRaSensors/RadioServer/
bash localinstall.sh
# Clean up
rm -r /home/pi/LoRaSensors/RadioClient/
rm /home/pi/LoRaSensors/RadioServer/localinstall.sh