A linux backlight utility inspired by acpibacklight
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Lamp is a backlight control program written in Rust and inspired by acpibacklight.


In contrast to acpilight lamp is not backwards compatible with xbacklight. It is intended to be used as a standalone replacement for new scripts.

    -c, --controller <DEVICE>       Select device to control
    -d, --decrease <PERCENT>        Decreases brightness
    -f, --full                      Sets brightness to highest value
    -g, --get                       Prints current brightness value
    -h, --help                      Print help information
    -i, --increase <PERCENT>        Increases brightness
    -l, --list                      Lists all devices with controllable brightness and led values
    -s, --set <VALUE>               Sets brightness to given value
    -t, --type <controller_type>    choose controller type [default: lin] [possible values: raw,
                                    lin, log]
    -V, --version                   Print version information
    -z, --zero                      Sets brightness to lowest value


Binary packages for the following systems are currently available.

Packaging status

You can also install it via cargo:

cargo install lamp

You have to make sure, that you have write access to /sys/class/backlight/. This can be achieved by using udev rules like 90-backlight.rules in this repo.


lamp is a pure Rust project so you can simply run cargo build after installing the Rust toolchain.

Formatting is done via cargo fmt with the default rules and in the pipeline clippy is run with the following arguments:

cargo clippy -- --deny clippy::all --deny warnings