The announcements for the Gitea dashboard are managed here in a simple TOML file.
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The announcements for the Gitea dashboard are managed here in a simple TOML file. There can only be 3 announcements shown at a given time.


The announcements listed in the file announcements.toml will show up (as configured) in the Gitea dashboard for all users.

timestamp (required): the creation date and ID of the announcement
classes: additional alert classes, see
visible: if it should be visible; defaults to true
visibleUntil: hide after a certain date automatically
dismissable: if it should be dismissable; defaults to true
Not implemented (Sequences):
sequencePredecessor: show this only after dismissing the announcement with the timestamp/ID referenced here
sequenceInterval: wait this amount of hours after dismissing sequencePredecessor
Sequences shall be used to not overwhelm new users while still allowing to tell them about our most important features.

Translation: en|de|...: markdown-formatted translated contents

Features: use @[text](https://...) to add a button
Date format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ (see


timestamp = 2021-02-31T00:00:00Z
classes = ["alert-primary"]
visibleUntil = 2022-02-31T23:00:00Z

en = """
# Today does not exist.
Did you know that your date is invalid?
@[Read more here](https://feb31.invalid)

de = """
# Heute gibt es nicht.
Wusstest du schon, dass es heute gar nicht gibt?
@[Mehr lesen](https://feb31.invalid)

fr = """
# Il n'y a pas aujourd'hui.
Saives-vous que aujourd'hui n'existe pas?
@[Lire tout ici](