The family cookbook, in blog form
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Recipe Site

This is our family recipe site, in the form of a Hugo blog and available at

There's a few things here that might be of interest to someone else:

  • The bin and assets/js folders include the implementation of basic client-side search using lunr, with indexes GZip-compressed and unpacked on the client side with zlibjs. All of those indices are updated automatically on the build branch by the build script in the root.
  • The layouts folder includes some extremely simplistic layouts that might be useful for people who want to make their own recipe collection.

To make a new recipe, run:

hugo new content/posts/

All the metadata fields will be filled in automatically, you just have to clean up the categories and customize the tags.

All code is released under the MIT license; recipe content is public domain and cannot be copyrighted in most world jurisdictions.