Code for building our family photo gallery using Sigal.
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The code here builds the photo galleries and index page found at There's a Makefile here that can build the gallery (make build) or clean up the HTML if you need to regenerate it (make clean).

There's a little bit of fancy stuff here, as we need to upload the images to DigitalOcean Spaces, while pushing the HTML into a separate Git repository that will be served by DigitalOcean Apps. That's all handled by s3cmd and some scripts that are called by the Makefile.


  • sigal
  • s3cmd
    • Configure this to have access to your DigitalOcean Spaces account following the directions here
    • Installing python-magic will allow for more accurate MIME type inference, though this probably doesn't matter for this case (file extensions are accurate enough)


There are also a few scripts in the scripts directory that I use to maintain the source images for this site. They should be pretty self-explanatory; they mostly clean and set various EXIF tags.

The scripts in the scripts/flickr folder can be useful for taking an XML dump of a Flickr account (as produced by the offlickr application) and importing that dump into the EXIF/IPTC tags in your actual files. I made them work, at least. YMMV.


There's a custom Sigal theme here, which is released under the MIT License (LICENSE). Everything in the scripts folder is released under CC0 (scripts/LICENSE).