Evolutionary game-theory simulator https://oyun.charlespence.net/
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2012-07-25 Charles Pence <charles@charlespence.net>
* .travis.yml, src/CMakeLists.txt, src/common/filesystem.cpp,
src/common/testmain.cpp, src/game/fsaplayer.cpp, src/game/game.cpp,
src/game/player.cpp, src/game/prisoner.cpp, src/game/random.cpp,
src/game/titfortat.cpp, src/tourney/match.cpp, src/tourney/tournament.cpp,
src/ui/oyunapp.cpp: Only build tests into a dedicated test harness.
* .travis.yml, lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.cpp,
lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.h, lib/CppUnitLite/TestResult.h,
src/ui/oyunapp.cpp: Try testing Oyun on Travis!
2012-04-28 Charles Pence <charles@charlespence.net>
* ChangeLog, ChangeLog => ChangeLog-2011, build/gitlog2changelog.py: Rotate