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2007-05-04 20:07 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* lib/CppUnitLite/TestResult.cpp, src/main.h,
src/test/testmain.cpp, src/tourney/tournament.cpp,
src/tourney/tournament.h: Added a Tournament class (from the 1.0
2007-05-04 19:05 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/common/common.h, src/common/mathlib.cpp,
src/common/mathlib.h, src/game/fsaplayer.cpp, src/game/game.h,
src/game/player.h, src/game/prisoner.cpp, src/game/prisoner.h,
src/game/random.cpp, src/game/random.h, src/game/titfortat.cpp,
src/game/titfortat.h, src/main.h, src/test/testgame.cpp,
src/test/testgame.h, src/test/testmain.cpp,
src/test/testplayer.cpp, src/test/testplayer.h,
src/tourney/match.cpp, src/tourney/match.h, src/tourney/vars.cpp,
src/tourney/vars.h, src/ui/evopage.h, src/ui/intropage.cpp,
src/ui/intropage.h, src/ui/logosapp.cpp, src/ui/logosapp.h,
src/ui/oneshotpage.cpp, src/ui/oneshotpage.h,
src/ui/titledpage.cpp, src/ui/titledpage.h, src/ui/typepage.cpp,
src/ui/typepage.h: Updated Copyright year to 2007.
2007-05-04 18:50 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* lib/CppUnitLite/Test.h, src/common/common.h,
src/tourney/match.cpp: Added unit tests for the Match class.
2007-05-04 01:37 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/common/mathlib.cpp, src/tourney/match.cpp,
src/tourney/match.h: Added a rudimentary Match class. Needs unit
2007-05-01 19:51 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.cpp, lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.h,
src/game/titfortat.cpp, src/game/titfortat.h,
src/test/testmain.cpp: Updated the test framework to be a little
prettier, and added tests for the TitForTatPlayer.
2007-05-01 19:34 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/game/random.cpp, src/game/random.h: Added tests for the
2007-05-01 04:14 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/game/fsaplayer.h: Cleaned up FSA player documentation.
2007-05-01 04:06 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* build/root/data/test/tft.txt, src/game/fsaplayer.cpp: Added a
more detailed logic test for FSAs.
2007-05-01 04:02 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* CMakeLists.txt, src/game/fsaplayer.cpp, src/game/game.h,
src/game/player.h: Added unit tests for the FSA player.
2007-04-28 04:08 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* ., CMakeLists.txt, Doxyfile.cmake, build/root/data/test,
build/root/data/test/testc.txt, build/root/data/test/testd.txt,
build/root/doc, src, src/common/common.h, src/common/mathlib.cpp,
src/common/mathlib.h, src/game/fsaplayer.cpp,
src/game/fsaplayer.h, src/game/game.h, src/game/player.h,
src/game/prisoner.cpp, src/game/prisoner.h, src/game/random.h,
src/game/titfortat.h, src/main.h, src/test/testgame.h: Added
Doxygen documentation to a significant part of the source.
2007-04-27 20:13 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* CMakeLists.txt, build/CompileFlags.cmake, lib/CppUnitLite/Test.h,
lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.cpp, lib/CppUnitLite/TestResult.cpp,
src/common/common.h, src/game/game.h, src/game/prisoner.cpp,
src/game/prisoner.h, src/main.h, src/test, src/test/testgame.cpp,
src/test/testgame.h, src/test/testmain.cpp,
src/test/testplayer.cpp, src/test/testplayer.h,
src/tourney/vars.cpp, src/ui/logosapp.cpp: Added a first round of
unit test framework. Unit tests are run automatically on every
build, and we have a test-game and test-player class for testing
other games and players.
2007-04-27 16:26 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* CMakeLists.txt, lib, lib/CppUnitLite,
lib/CppUnitLite/Failure.cpp, lib/CppUnitLite/Failure.h,
lib/CppUnitLite/Test.cpp, lib/CppUnitLite/Test.h,
lib/CppUnitLite/TestHarness.h, lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.cpp,
lib/CppUnitLite/TestRegistry.h, lib/CppUnitLite/TestResult.cpp,
lib/CppUnitLite/TestResult.h, src/ui/logosapp.cpp,
src/ui/oneshotpage.cpp, src/ui/oneshotpage.h,
src/ui/typepage.cpp, src/ui/typepage.h: Added CppUnitLite for
unit testing (yet to write any unit tests, however), and reworked
the page handling, especially in LogosApp.
2007-04-27 14:33 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/ui/intropage.cpp, src/ui/intropage.h: Added validation to the
intro page.
2007-04-27 05:04 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* TODO: Updated to-do list.
2007-04-27 04:58 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/tourney/vars.cpp, src/ui/logosapp.cpp: Fixed the horrible
global variable cleanup hack with a slightly less horrible (or at
least contained) global variable cleanup hack.
2007-04-27 04:56 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* CMakeLists.txt, src/common, src/common/mathlib.cpp,
src/common/mathlib.h, src/game/mathlib.cpp, src/game/mathlib.h,
src/main.cpp, src/main.h, src/tourney, src/tourney/vars.cpp,
src/tourney/vars.h, src/ui/intropage.cpp, src/ui/logosapp.cpp:
Refactored the code a bit, cleaning up some of the more egregious
hacks from earlier.
2007-04-27 03:09 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/game/fsaplayer.cpp, src/game/player.h, src/game/prisoner.h,
src/game/random.h, src/game/titfortat.h, src/ui/evopage.h,
src/ui/intropage.cpp, src/ui/logosapp.cpp, src/ui/oneshotpage.h,
src/ui/titledpage.cpp, src/ui/typepage.cpp: Added wxT and _
(translation) macros to the strings in the source.
2007-04-27 02:23 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/game/mathlib.cpp, src/game/mathlib.h, src/game/random.h,
src/main.cpp, src/main.h, src/ui/intropage.cpp,
src/ui/intropage.h, src/ui/logosapp.cpp: Player adding works. The
current method of handling global variables is complete junk, and
will be fixed in a future update.
2007-04-27 01:46 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* CMakeLists.txt: Updated the build, compiles properly.
2007-04-27 01:45 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* SConstruct: Removed the SConstruct.
2007-04-27 01:44 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/evopage.h, src/fsaplayer.cpp, src/fsaplayer.h, src/game,
src/game.h, src/game/fsaplayer.cpp, src/game/fsaplayer.h,
src/game/game.h, src/game/player.h, src/game/prisoner.cpp,
src/game/prisoner.h, src/game/random.h, src/game/titfortat.h,
src/intropage.h, src/logosapp.cpp, src/logosapp.h,
src/oneshotpage.h, src/player.h, src/prisoner.cpp,
src/prisoner.h, src/random.h, src/titfortat.h,
src/titledpage.cpp, src/titledpage.h, src/typepage.cpp,
src/typepage.h, src/ui, src/ui/evopage.h, src/ui/intropage.h,
src/ui/logosapp.cpp, src/ui/logosapp.h, src/ui/oneshotpage.h,
src/ui/titledpage.cpp, src/ui/titledpage.h, src/ui/typepage.cpp,
src/ui/typepage.h: Non-working commit, re-arranged the source
2007-04-27 01:40 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/evopage.h, src/intropage.h, src/logosapp.cpp, src/logosapp.h,
src/oneshotpage.h, src/titledpage.cpp, src/titledpage.h,
src/typepage.cpp, src/typepage.h: Added a bunch more pages and
some skeleton controls.
2007-04-26 21:50 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* src/intropage.h, src/logosapp.cpp, src/logosapp.h, src/main.h,
src/titledpage.h: Added the first page of the wizard with some
present but non-functional controls.
2007-04-26 21:06 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* build/root/data, build/root/data/images, build/root/data/players,
data: Moved the data directory into the build root.
2007-04-26 21:06 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* data/players/tests: Removed test players.
2007-04-26 21:05 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* data/images: Removed the images (way too cute).
2007-04-26 21:03 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* CMakeLists.txt, build/CompileFlags.cmake, build/debug,
build/macosx, build/msvc, build/release, build/root, build/unix,
src/logosapp.cpp: Switched the build system from scons to CMake.
Better support, faster build time, prettier compiler output, more
configuration options. Also likely to become more widely adopted
once KDE4 comes out.
2007-04-26 13:14 Charles Pence <cpence [at]>
* ., SConstruct, build, build/debug, build/release, data, src,
src/fsaplayer.cpp, src/fsaplayer.h, src/game.h, src/logosapp.cpp,
src/logosapp.h, src/main.h, src/player.h, src/prisoner.h,
src/random.h, src/titfortat.h: