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Postdoctoral fellows, and, to an occasional and much lesser extent, graduate students, will have opportunities to teach courses while they're here. The extent to which you can do so, however, is modulated by two factors.

First, if you don't know French, then you will be limited to teaching in those classes in the master's program that we're willing to offer in English. (FIXME: We're working on a list of those now; watch this space.)

Second, in the vast majority of cases, there will not be money available to designate you the official, sole instructor of record for classes – that requires, as a matter of university policy, that we pay you more money. That said, you will be able to have hours "en suppléance" – essentially, as a co-instructor partially replacing one of the faculty members in the center on one of their classes. Depending on the arrangement, this could be near-complete replacement with freedom to heavily modify the syllabus.

Further, if you'd like me to be able to really speak to your teaching abilities in a recommendation letter, I'd be glad to arrange a teaching visit/evaluation, where I visit one of your lectures and take enough notes to be able to write a really fantastic teaching letter.