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Recurring Events and Tasks 5

Recurring Events and Tasks

We have a number of required events that keep our culture alive and our work moving forward productively. There are also some recurring tasks that are assigned to lab members, which will be described here.

Monthly Stand-Up

Jargon borrowed from the tech world, we've got a practice of getting everybody together once a month to check in – talk about what you've done in the last month, and your plans for the next batch of research. These usually happen at the beginning of a week, near the beginning of a month.

Weekly Reading Group

Our most important meeting is our weekly reading group, which will be set up on a recurring, weekly schedule (currently Tuesday afternoons). I expect everyone to be present at these meetings.

The main function of these groups is to allow us to read through a paper. Often this will be a piece of literature relevant to someone's work, though it can also be a draft that you'd like commentary on. We'll also usually have time in and around these meetings to discuss other related lab business.

CEFISES Seminars

Every one of you is also a member (automatically, by being affiliated with me) of the Centre de philosophie des sciences et sociétés (CEFISES), and this comes with a few obligations of its own. Most importantly, you need to attend the weekly CEFISES seminar (currently on Wednesday afternoons). These meetings are a series of research or work-in-progress talks, from local and remote scholars (our group is often in charge of one, though the topics and responsibilities change every year), in areas ranging from logic and rationality to general philosophy of science to philosophy of a variety of special sciences (physics, biology, cognitive science). They are a fantastic way to keep yourself sharp and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

Individual Meetings

I do not currently have a practice of meeting periodically with every member of the lab, one-on-one. (I may yet develop one.) I rely on postdoctoral fellows to let me know when they'd like to chat, and on doctoral and master's students to keep up a schedule of planned meetings and checkpoints that will propel them forward on their work. To that end, if you're a postdoc and would like to meet, please ask. If you're a master's or doctoral student, you should already know when your next meeting will be, and what you will have to present there. If not, ask me!

Recurring Tasks

(Currently there are no lab-specific recurring tasks. Watch this space.)

You may also be asked to perform some recurring tasks for CEFISES. These include:

  • Importing and cataloging books in philosophy of science for the philosophy library.
  • Updating events on the CEFISES website. This will require some quick training, either from me or from the central training people.
  • Managing the CEFISES mailing lists (membership and moderation).