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Code of Conduct 7

Code of Conduct

I expect every member of the lab to be courteous, respectful, and professional, not only in all of your interactions within the lab, but in any and all professional conferences. Remember that you're representing our group, the Institute, and the university when you interact with other scholars, staff, administrators, etc.

In part, this involves treating others with basic human decency; whether or not this is often lost on professional philosophers collectively. This is not the place to shout or become agitated. I expect that all disputes will be resolved calmly and patiently, with a cooling-off period if necessary.

In the first instance, should a resolution become impossible, I am the contact to resolve interpersonal disputes -- you may come to me at any time, alone or in a group. If my mediation fails, or if you feel that you cannot come to me for whatever reason, your next contact is the President of the Institut supérieur de philosophie (as your immediate boss for research purposes; currently Alexandre Guay), or the head of the École de philosophie (as your immediate boss for teaching purposes; currently Peter Verdée). Should you not be able to resolve the dispute in that context, they will be familiar with the appropriate avenues for escalation.

Humor, of course, is a matter of culture. As you probably know, I have no problem with joking around and swearing; I think we're all adult human beings that need to interact with one another as such. That said, be sensitive to the fact that people may not be, and in particular that "off-color" jokes (or jokes that might be interpreted as sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.) are not permissible in a work context.

Similarly, no behavior of a harassing nature will be tolerated, whether on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other category. Everyone has the right to a productive, safe workspace.

FIXME: I will soon post links here to the relevant official UCLouvain policies governing student/staff/faculty conduct, and contacts for questions of harassment or discrimination.