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A collection of my personal dotfiles, to be managed with homesick (or similar).
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cpence's dotfiles

This is a standard enough collection of my dotfiles. Who knows what'll be in here, as I rework my own setup pretty regularly, but you might find something of use.


To use these on a new system, you need to:

Install zsh and syntax-highlighting

yay -S zsh zsh-syntax-highlighting
chsh /usr/bin/zsh

Install rbenv and Ruby

pacman -S ruby
yay -S rbenv ruby-build
rbenv install 2.x.latest
rbenv default 2.x.latest
gem install homesick
homesick clone git@codeberg.org:cpence/dotfiles.git dotfiles
homesick link dotfiles


Everything in these dotfiles that's my own contribution (i.e., not mentioned in the particular file as written by someone else) is released into the public domain, under Creative Commons CC0.