Charles Pence cpence
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Lead developer, RLetters • Philosopher and historian of biology • Chargé de cours, Université catholique de Louvain • Rabid Chelsea fan • Marathoner • en, fr
  • Joined on May 14, 2020

Research products produced by the Pence Lab.

Updated 1 day ago

Herschel's marginalia in his copy of Darwin's Origin of Species

Updated 2 days ago

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All of my personal dotfiles. Anything that's my own contribution is released under CC0.

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The main lab website

Updated 5 days ago

Various scripts used for database maintenance for the evoText project

Updated 6 days ago

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A Hugo theme for the lab's various sites.

Updated 1 week ago

The lab blog of my research group.

Updated 1 week ago

Source code for my personal website

Updated 1 week ago

The family cookbook, in blog form

Updated 2 weeks ago

The source for my password-protected readings site (without the readings, of course)

Updated 1 month ago

The source for our family website at

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Code for building our family photo gallery using Sigal.

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The lab's knowledge base and information handbook.

Updated 1 month ago

The website for Oyun

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Evolutionary game-theory simulator

Updated 1 month ago