A Discord bot that replies "WAZZUP" in response to messages that contain any spelling of "wazzup"
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A screenshot of a bot reply in Discord

A Discord bot that replies "WAZZUP" in response to messages that contain any spelling of "wazzup". The bot will create its response with a random number of each letter. Uses the discord.js node.js module.


  • Install dependencies

You need npm and node on your system to install required dependencies and run the program. To install all required dependencies, run npm install from within the same directory as the program.

  • Authenticate the bot

The bot needs your Discord bot account's unique identifier token to log in. If you haven't created a bot account yet, you can do so from the Discord Developer Portal. To add your bot token, create a file called auth.json and add an attribute called "token". Enter your token as the value. You can use the auth.json.example file included in this repository as a template.

  • Run the program

Run node wazzupbot.js to start the bot. It will log into your bot account and appear online as long as the code is running. CTRL+C exits the process. You can generate an invite URL to add the bot to a Discord server from your Discord Developer Portal.


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. See LICENSE for details.