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  • Hi,
    I'm Jakob.
    I love writing software using rust.
    Did I mention, that I'm super into Linux?
    — because I am.


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  • Joined on Apr 02, 2021

My personal APKBUILD repo

Updated 7 hours ago

Mastodon bot posting music genres and autogenerated wikipedia links. Uses mastodons scheduling mechanism to post toots in advance and publish them later.

Updated 1 week ago

PolarPlayer Studio is a MIDI synth for the ROLI Seaboard or other MIDI instruments that send pressure data.

Updated 2 months ago

A lisp interpreter written in javascript

Updated 4 months ago

My personal webpage or rather a collection of all the versions/designs I've ever used.

Updated 5 months ago

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An open-hardware and open-source MIDI instrument with pressure sensitivity. Share emotions with floe today and get into the flow of making music

Updated 5 months ago

A customizable lisp-syntax interpreter written in rust

Updated 5 months ago

Welcome to poemhub 3.0, the new and improved version of poemhub. Completely dezentralized.

Updated 6 months ago

JsonX allows you to generate html elements from json objects. Whilst it doesn't look as good as jsx, it is easier to highlight than htm.

Updated 6 months ago

A Deutsche Bahn webclient written in rust. CHECK PRIVACY POLICY: https://codeberg.org/comcloudway/train-surfer#headline-4

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 7 months ago

This is a crossplatform gui reimplementation of my suits solitaire version, combinging the power of emilk's egui, Fedor Logachev's egui-miniquad and miniquad.

Updated 7 months ago

A different approach to routing for dioxus

Updated 7 months ago

This is the official BluePrint Compiler (bpc) It can be used to compile the BluePrint lisp flavour to javascript

Updated 7 months ago

This is a template repository, combinging the power of emilk's egui, ilya sheprut's egui-macroquad and Fedor Logachev's macroquad. It allows you to "write once, run anywhere". This repository is a fork of my egui miniquad template

Updated 10 months ago