Some of my dotfiles
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Some of my dotfiles. Run this as a post-install script for your archlinux based distribution. I used to use endavouros as my daily-driver, it was pretty easy to install and setup. These are my config files that made my workflow easier.
I now use vanilla arch (btw) and the same configs work great!

How to install?

Follow the steps 0 and 1 below.
Running a random script online comes with the risk of distroying a perfectly usable system, so make sure to look at the scripts, and read this entire README file for easy troubleshooting.

Alternatively, if you are using archlinux, you can use my arch-post-install script to install and configure all dependencies along with my dotfiles.

Step 0

Go through all the packags mentioned at the requirements section and install them.

Step 1

Run the following command on a terminal. This requires bash, curl, and git installed in your system, usually they are pre-installed in all GNU/Linux distributions, if not, install them using the package manager of your GNU/Linux distribution.

curl -Lks | /bin/bash

The script will try to backup your .config directory and other files it tries to copy, these will be present in the .config-backup directory in your $HOME directory.

Step 2



There is no auto update for the setup, but you can run the following command to update the config files.

This will replace your existing configurations! Don't worry, they are backed up to .config-backup directory!

bash config_setup

tip: use bash config_setup ssh if you have a codeberg account with ssh configured.

extra tip: you can also do config pull if you have not modified any of the config files! Run config status to see if there are any changes


screenshot screenshot


Read the instructions on each of these packages to be sure that this is what you want to do.
For example, Keyboard driven tools like i3, ly, ranger, feh, etc., are not something regular users are comfortable with using. If this is you, then click away.

And Make sure to edit my configs and make it your own :3

Script to automatically install the below are now present in the arch-post-install repository!

  • i3-gaps - Tiling Window Manager (i3 works too!).
  • i3-swallow - Swallow terminal on launch of gui apps from it.
  • ly - A TUI Display manager.
  • Alacritty - Modern terminal emulator written in Rust.
  • espeak-ng - Multi-lingual software speech synthesizer.
  • ranger - A VIM-inspired filemanager for the console.
    • The following to enables drag and drop and better syntax highlight on ranger
    • dragon - Simple drag-and-drop source/sink for X
    • bat - Cat clone with syntax highlighting and git integration
  • Neovim - Hyperextensible Vim-based text editor.
  • rofi - Window switcher and application launcher.
  • dunst - light weight notification daemon.
  • feh - Fast and light image viewer.
  • Flameshot - For screenshots.
  • llpp - Lightweight PDF viewer (with vi like keybindings).
  • Arc-icon-theme - Arc Icon theme for rofi and other menus.
  • Dracula Theme - The theme I use for almost all configs including -

What changes does this have from default endavouros setup?

This is a slightly modified version of endavouros configs, but I find the default ones to be slightly frustrating. The setup works best on a fresh install of arch.


  1. No nitrogen dependency, it also means that you don't need an extra gtk2 package in your system.
  2. Better screenshot utility, Flameshot is by far the best for someone who is not used to commandline (shift+PrintScreen screenshots the current screen if you use my config).
  3. Cool theme for rofi (just try it).
  4. Better cli file-manager.
  5. Cool terminal themes and plugins for easy navigation.
  6. i3 with proper vim keybindings for navigation that uses h-j-k-l (It won't drive you mad anymore).
  7. Nice and light Arc icons.
  8. Alacritty, use tmux or gnu-screen if you want multiple terminals in same window. Alacritty is super light and fast and is written in Rust!
  9. Cool lockscreen and wallpapers!
  10. Easy setup if coming from arch


  1. Need additional effort to remove unwanted stuff if you are already using endavouros.
  2. Keyboard driven, you should have closed this tab if you are too scared to use it.