Some of my dotfiles
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This repository contains some of my dotfiles for my archlinux running Wayland. I used to use endavouros as my daily-driver, it was pretty easy to install and setup. These are my config files that made my workflow easier.

I now use vanilla arch (btw) I moved to Gentoo now, and the same configs work great!

How to install?

Follow the steps from 0 to 2 below. Running a random script online comes with the risk of distroying a perfectly usable system, so make sure to look at the scripts, and read this entire README file for easy troubleshooting.

Alternatively, if you are using archlinux, you can use my arch-post-install script to install and configure all dependencies along with my dotfiles (I recommend running it on a fresh install). This script is now archived as I am no longer using ArchLinux

Step 0

My arch-post-install repository contains list of packages to I use in the packages.csv file.

Read the instructions on each of those packages to be sure that this is what you want to do.

For example, Keyboard driven tools like sway, mpv, swayimg, etc., are not something regular users are comfortable with using. If this is you, then click away.

Go through all the packags and install the ones you want (preferably all of them).

Step 1

The script in Step 2 will try to backup your .config directory and other files it tries to copy, these will be present in the .config-backup directory in your $HOME directory. But you will loose the changes from this backup if you run the script a second time, so if the script fails, take a copy of the .config-backup.

To avoid potential loss, take your config backup NOW!

Step 2

Run the following command on a terminal. This requires bash, curl, and git installed in your system, usually they are pre-installed in all GNU/Linux distributions, if not, install them using the package manager of your GNU/Linux distribution.

curl -Lks | /bin/bash

Step 3


And Make sure to edit my configs and make it your own!


There is no auto update for the setup, but you can run the following command to update the config files.

This will replace your existing configurations! Don't worry, they are backed up to .config-backup directory!

bash config_setup

tip: use bash config_setup ssh if you have a codeberg account with ssh configured.

extra tip: you can also do config pull if you have not modified any of the config files! Run config status to see if there are any changes


screenshot screenshot


Missing icons in the launcher (fuzzel)

Install Tela-circle-dracula-dark icon theme. Or update your preffered icon theme in the following files.

Not detecting the keyboard layout

I use the UK qwerty layout for this config, to use the layout you need, read man 5 sway-input and edit $HOME/.config/sway/config.d/input.conf.

Games does not launch, error: No available video device or unable to open display X

Install sdl2 package, .profile has environment variables that could potentially solve this issue.
If installing sdl2 does not work, check if the game use sdl2 or any other wayland supported libraries, else you might have to install xwayland, you will have to do this yourself.

Electron apps doesn't launch

Run the program with eww from terminal (eww signal-desktop). To run them through fuzzel or other menus, you will need to edit its .desktop file, read the archwiki on Wayland#Electron to know how to do this.


How do I navigate?

Press Superkey + Enter to launch the terminal, and do cat ~/.config/sway/config.d/keybindings.conf to read the key combinations.

How to connect to Wi-Fi?

Use iwctl to connect to Wi-Fi, check the man pages to know how to do this.

How to change the wallpaper?

The wallpaper and lockscreen are just colors at the moment, you can override them from their config files.

The wallpaper can be configured in ~.config/sway/config.d/theme.conf file. The lockscreen Configurations must be done in ~/.config/swaylock/config file

I want to add my own configs but not track them

The git does not track any files that are not already present in this repo (run config status to see if you have modified any tracked files). So even if you create $HOME/.config/sway/anotherfile it wont be tracked.

For this sway Configuration, you can add your own config files under $HOME/.config/sway/config.d directory, the existing config will import all files present there.
This is the best place to keep start-up programs, program specific configs, etc.

For bash variables, we are sourcing the file ~/.user_vars if it exits from .bashrc, so create ~/.user_vars file and add all your custom variables and imports there.