An anime downloader for all otakus. Animu is Love, Animu is Life
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  1. Now has three Servers (Anime1, AnimeFreak, and GogoAnime1) all are in essence the same site (same content hosted differently).
  2. Uses AnimeCrawlerAPI (github, gitlab) for fetching Anime.
  3. Modified code so that it would be easier to add new servers in the future! (this file) We might add more servers in the future!
  4. Android version is not the top priority as of now.

I do not support piracy!, The only reason for me making this app was because of the DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) and licensing that mainstream anime hosing services has and the ad+tracking malware other websites adopted to.

About the App

Animu Downloaderu is a java based software which helps you download your favorite anime as a batch.

To build from Source Run

 mvn javafx:run

To get the native app image Run

  mvn javafx:jlink


Huge list of anime to choose from screenshot

Search your favorite anime Search anime

Download all episodes in a batch Download

It is still under development and the code is a bit spaghettified so feel free to contribute :)

Download the latest binary form Releases