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Thank you for your interest in improving Codeberg!

Every helping hand, every contribution and every donation is warmly welcome.

You can support Codeberg in various ways:

Use Codeberg

We're happy about every free software project actively using Codeberg, because we believe that every free project deserves a free home.

We welcome free software projects that consider moving away from one of the commercial software forges, such as GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket.

By joining and using Codeberg, you're already helping our mission a lot - thank you!

Contribute to Codeberg

Do you have ideas on improving Codeberg? Have you found a bug and would like to report (or even fix) it? You're welcome to contribute to Codeberg, for example by creating or commenting an Issue or by writing a pull request to one of Codeberg's projects.

You can read more about the code contribution workflow in this article

Contributions are warmly welcome, everyone is invited!

Donate to Codeberg

You can donate to Codeberg e.V. using Liberapay or by SEPA wire transfer.

Codeberg e.V. is the non-profit organization behind

It's based in Berlin, Germany and recognized as tax-exempt by the German authorities.

Join Codeberg e.V.

If you're interested in committing even more to Codeberg, consider joining Codeberg e.V., the non-profit association behind