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When you invite collaborators to join your repository (see Invite Collaborators) or when you create teams for your organization (see Create and Manage an Organization), you have to decide what each collaborator/team is allowed to do.

There are four permission levels: Read, Write, Administrator and Owner.
The owner is the one who created the repository, or, in case of an organization, all members of the team "Owners" (which by default includes the creator of the organization).

The table below gives an overview of what collaborators/teams are allowed to do when granted each of these permission levels:

Task Read Write Admin Owner
View, clone and pull repository
Contribute pull requests
Push to/update contributed pull requests
Push directly to repository
Merge pull requests
Moderate/delete issues and comments
Force-push/rewrite history (if enabled)
Add/remove collaborators to repository
Configure branch settings (protect/unprotect, enable force-push)
Configure repository settings (enable wiki, issues, PRs, update profile)
Configure repository settings in the danger zone (transfer ownership, delete wiki data / repository, archive repository)