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Know Your Spendings Application. 15 account types supported, GTK3-GUI with Treeviews established. Mac Users need Homebrew, Windows Users Msys2 to install PyGobject & Gtk3+. More info at:

Updated 1 month ago

Python 3.7+ Skript zur Ausgabe von Farbseiten in einem Pdf basierend auf dem CYMK Farmix, berechnet durch "Inkov" in Ghostscript 9.05+. Das Skript gibt die Farbseiten in der von BoD geforderten Formatierung aus.

Updated 7 months ago

Blackjack-Multiplayer Game

Updated 1 year ago

The script helps you categorize and evaluate your account transactions (ACCT). Helpful for all those who have always wanted to know where their cashless money goes. At the moment only comdirect & DKB are supported. Interaction language is german.

Updated 1 year ago

New approach towards getting your account transactions analyzed. Interaction language is german. At the moment 5 account types are supported and the script gives you the choice to plot different visualizations, concat data and replot issued Excel.

Updated 1 year ago