Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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bar_backends = []
if backend_x11
bar_x11 = declare_dependency(sources: ['xcb.c', 'xcb.h'], dependencies: [xcb_stuff])
bar_backends += [bar_x11]
if backend_wayland
wayland_protocols = dependency('wayland-protocols')
wayland_protocols_datadir = wayland_protocols.get_pkgconfig_variable('pkgdatadir')
wscanner = dependency('wayland-scanner', native: true)
wscanner_prog = find_program(
wscanner.get_pkgconfig_variable('wayland_scanner'), native: true)
wl_proto_headers = []
wl_proto_src = []
foreach prot : [
wayland_protocols_datadir + '/stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml',
wayland_protocols_datadir + '/unstable/xdg-output/xdg-output-unstable-v1.xml']
wl_proto_headers += custom_target(
prot.underscorify() + '-client-header',
output: '@BASENAME@.h',
input: prot,
command: [wscanner_prog, 'client-header', '@INPUT@', '@OUTPUT@'])
wl_proto_src += custom_target(
prot.underscorify() + '-private-code',
output: '@BASENAME@.c',
input: prot,
command: [wscanner_prog, 'private-code', '@INPUT@', '@OUTPUT@'])
bar_wayland = declare_dependency(
sources: ['wayland.c', 'wayland.h'] + wl_proto_src + wl_proto_headers,
dependencies: [wayland_client, wayland_cursor, tllist])
bar_backends += [bar_wayland]
bar = declare_dependency(
sources: ['bar.c', 'bar.h', 'private.h', 'backend.h'],
dependencies: bar_backends + [threads])
install_headers('bar.h', subdir: 'yambar/bar')