Modular status panel for X11 and Wayland, inspired by
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#pragma once
#include <threads.h>
#include "particle.h"
struct bar;
struct module {
const struct bar *bar;
int abort_fd;
mtx_t lock;
void *private;
int (*run)(struct module *mod);
void (*destroy)(struct module *module);
* Called by module_begin_expose(). Should return an
* exposable (an instantiated particle).
struct exposable *(*content)(struct module *mod);
/* refresh_in() should schedule a module content refresh after the
* specified number of milliseconds */
bool (*refresh_in)(struct module *mod, long milli_seconds);
const char *(*description)(struct module *mod);
struct module *module_common_new(void);
void module_default_destroy(struct module *mod);
struct exposable *module_begin_expose(struct module *mod);
/* List of attributes *all* modules implement */
{"content", true, &conf_verify_particle}, \
{"anchors", false, NULL}, \
{"font", false, &conf_verify_font}, \
{"foreground", false, &conf_verify_color}, \
{NULL, false, NULL}