A fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator
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[foot-ctlseqs] 8-bit control characters are C1
6 months ago
benchmark.md doc: benchmark: update "workstation" benchmarks with 1.7.0 results 9 months ago
foot-ctlseqs.7.scd [foot-ctlseqs] 8-bit control characters are C1 6 months ago
foot.1.scd Override options from command line 6 months ago
foot.ini.5.scd config: add boolean option tweak.pua-double-width 6 months ago
footclient.1.scd doc: foot{,client}: updates from feedback from @craigbarnes 6 months ago
meson.build doc: ctlseqs: rename "foot-ctlseqs.5" man page to "foot-ctlseqs.7" 9 months ago
sixel-wow.png README: add screenshot of sixel graphics 2 years ago