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python package for felxible and persisting caching of function calls (e.g. API calls)

Updated 1 week ago

simple tool for visualizing fediverse related data

Updated 3 weeks ago

random little things to which I want to link in some contexts

Updated 3 months ago

Curated list of resources, organizations and free software that are supporting the field of open science.

Updated 3 months ago

Small python package to facilitate deployment of some personal projects

Updated 7 months ago

django app that implements the decision finding method: "systematic consensus finding"

Updated 8 months ago

markdown preview for etherpads

Updated 10 months ago

command line utility to regularly archive a bunch of urls in a git repo. Especially useful for online-pads.

Updated 11 months ago

script and configuration to get a mailman3 instance up and running in < 10min by automated execution of the respective how-to guide from uberlab

Updated 1 year ago

some random text which I want to be public

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

Directory structure and relevant files for a simple installable python project.

Updated 1 year ago

python script for browser automation

Updated 1 year ago

simple monitoring script for uberspace accounts

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 2 years ago