A simple bookmark system for powershell to set shortcuts to quickly change directories while using the prompt.
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Bookmarks for PowerShell

I work in the terminal quite a bit, and needed a quick way to change directories between projects. I started this based off a similar project in bash called lazy-cd. This works similarly as it stores the bookmarks you add to a file, and if the bookmark is found, the terminal location will be set accordingly.


  • Check-Bookmark - Initializing function to create bookmark file if needed
  • View-Bookmark - List all the bookmarks that have been added to the library
  • Add-Bookmark <name> - Adds the bookmark using the <name> and the current location you are in
  • Delete-Bookmark <name> - Remove the specified bookmark line based on the <name>
  • Goto-Bookmark <name> - If the bookmark <name> exists in the bookmark file, the terminal will Set-Location to the path defined.


Alias Function
bm Goto-Bookmark
bma Add-Bookmark
bmd Delete-Bookmark
bmv View-Bookmark


Download the the bookmark.ps1 file and dot source it to your Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1.

. "path\to\bookmarks.ps1"

PS C:> bmv
You have 4 Bookmarks

Bookmark      Path
--------      ----
home          C:\Users\username
website       C:\git\cjerrington.github.io
snippets      C:\git\snippets
root          C:\