Quick Image Viewer (qiv) http://qiv.spiegl.de/ http://qiv.spiegl.de/
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2.0 KiB

- magnifying glass: [lc]
+ if the image is smaller than the magnifying window
then it is stretched - would (black) borders be better?

+ doesn't work in fullscreen mode

+ the key sequence '<ff' (i.e. go to fullscreen and back) sometimes
leaves it in a bad state

+ problem with manual window placement: (e.g. fvwm: "ManualPlacement")
whenever the mouse leaves and reenters the qiv window the magnifying
window has to be placed again. And what's even worse: this sometimes
leads to the mouse leaving the window so that you're stuck in an
annoying loop which is hard to get out of.
Possibly a solution: geometry hints should override windowmanager placement
Or: leave the magnifying window in a specific place (even when the mouse
leaves the image window) instead of moving it around
quick workaround in fvwm:
Style "qiv" MinOverlapPlacement

- preloading of images (suggestion by Tony Cebzanov)
Sometimes I view my photos over a slow sshfs link, and it would be
handy if, while an image is being displayed, the next image was being
loaded in the background, so that when I hit the spacebar to advance,
it renders immediately, instead of having to go out to the disk.
This would be doing something useful with the idle time while users
are viewing images, and is a feature I've seen in other viewers.

Obviously, this would only help out users who are viewing images in
order, and wouldn't work if they're using any of the PgDn, jt[n],
jf[n] shortcuts. But for the most common case, I think it would be a
very nice performance optimization.

- use nifty new features of imlib2 (compared to imlib1)
I am sure there are lots! :-)

- add --geometry option (suggestion by A. Purugganan)
Such an option is common to many X application, unfortunately not
natively supported by gdk. Also the handling is a little bit tricky,
as qiv resizes itself with each new image. How should this option
be handled when changing to the next image?