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ak: Adam Kopacz <adam.k@klografx.de>
as: Andy Spiegl <qiv.andy@spiegl.de>
de: Darren Smith <darren.smith@juno.com>
pa: Pavel Andreev <paxvel@vumsoft.cz>
df: Decklin Foster <decklin@red-bean.com>
hm: Holger Mueller <hmueller@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de>
ss: Scott Sams <sbsams@eos.ncsu.edu>
sw: Serge Winitzki <winitzki@geocities.com>
fc: Frederic Crozat <fcrozat@mail.dotcom.fr>
rn: Rutger Nijlunsing <rutger@wingding.demon.nl>
jk: John Knottenbelt <jak97@doc.ic.ac.uk>
da: Danny <dannys@mail.com>
to: Tomas Ogren <stric@ing.umu.se>
ej: Erik Jacobsen <erik@openix.com>
aw: Alfred Weyers <alfred@otto.gia.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
da: Daniel <danad157@student.liu.se>
hk: Henning Kulander <hennikul@ifi.uio.no>
ab: Ask Bjoern Hansen <ask@valueclick.com>
al: Adrian Lopez <adrian2@caribe.net>
yf: Y Furuhashi <y_furuhashi@ot.olympus.co.jp>
wd: Wayne Davison <wayne@opencoder.net>
js: Johannes Stezenbach <js@sig21.net>
ok: OEyvind Kolaas <pippin@users.sourceforge.net>
mc: Matthieu Castet <castet.matthieu@free.fr>
jd: Geoffrey T. Dairik <dairiki@dairiki.org>
lc: Leopoldo Cerbaro <redbliss@aliceposta.it>
hl: Heikki Lehvaslaiho <heikki@sanbi.ac.za>
ld: Larry Doolittle <ldoolitt@boa.org>
sd: S. Dobrev <sdobrev@sistechnology.com>
tw: Thomas Wiegner <wiegner@gmx.de>
bd: Barry deFreese <bdefreese@debian.org>
pw: Peter deWachter <pdewacht@gmail.com>
ap: Akos Pasztory <akos.pasztory@gmail.com>
17.07.2021 [tw] add webp support via imlib loader (Ralf Hoffmann)
27.11.2020 [tw] fix wrong man path, fix clang-10 compiler warning, include debian #969338
09.09.2020 [as] zoom in faster (+50% instead of +10%) if above 100%
09.09.2020 [as] redefined GDK_SCROLL events to move image in fullscreen
30.08.2020 [tw] replace deprecated gdk_draw functions with cairo functions
15.07.2018 [tw] fix: don't ignore maxaspect and scale down options when
reloading image due to watch option on. (Issue #8)
31.10.2017 [tw] fix: window sometimes recentered, when moved around with mouse
19.10.2017 [as] fix Makefile for cross-compiling: Make pkg-config substitutable (Debian Bug#879108)
10.10.2017 [tw] add specfile to build rpm for CentOS
07.10.2017 [tw] add option --trashbin to use trash bin instead
of .qiv-trash when deleting images
06.10.2017 [as] add ability (and options) to display JPEG comments
06.10.2017 [as] more sophisticated exiftool call in qiv-command example
04.10.2017 [tw] fix inconsistent fixed-zoom behaviour
10.08.2017 [tw] Don't try to rotate if file is not an image
06.06.2017 [tw] get rid of some more XID collisions
30.05.2016 [tw] Fix occasionally erratic behaviour of qiv statusbar
[tw] Fix xpm autodetection with libmagic
26.05.2016 [tw] Fix small artefacts in pictures which might
happen when running remote over slow link
(patch by Derek Schrock)
20.05.2016 [tw] update image after it is exposed in window mode
12.05.2016 [js/tw] fix broken "-no-filter" option
libmagic filter now works on symlinks
07.11.2015 [tw] fix linking order in "make debug", did not
work in some newer gcc versions
18.06.2015 [as] turn on EXIF autorotation by default
13.09.2014 [tw] Add option to sort files by modification time.
(patch by Stefan Rüger)
23.04.2014 [tw] In case of "watch" option, check image only every 1/10 sec,
instead of every 200us. This was way too short for
devices like RasPi etc. (Hamish)
[tw] Leave jumping mode on invalid input and process input key
as if it was entered in non jumping mode (Sergey Pinaev)
25.11.2013 [tw] Add libXext to libraries for linking in Makefile.
Fixes build problems on some distributions.
[as] unicode fix for gps2url.py
[tw] Some cleanup in the debian subdir
[tw] Add desktop integration. Add gps2url.py script.
[tw] browse option now starts with first picture on command line.
[tw] fix direction of scrollwheel for next/previous image
[as] center mouse cursor position in magnifying window
[tw] external script gps2url.py to extract GPS
coordinates from an image and call firefox
with google maps url if the GPS info exists
[as] integration into qiv-command.example
[tw] update COPYING and optimize libmagic calls
Patch by Jiri Slaby
[tw] improve display of exif GPS tags
[as] new option --vikeys to allow for vi-style movement
Suggested/Patch by anonymous contributor
[tw] disable screensaver and DPMS during slideshow
[as] improvements to qiv-command.example
(filename quoting, extract more EXIF infos)
[tw] fix possible segfaults when dealing with corrupt
embedded color profiles.
[tw] do not segfault when "browse" option is called without
a further argument.
[tw] fix magnifying window. Zoom factor of magnifying window
can be changed by +/- keys.
[tw] fix missing #ifdef HAVE_EXIF for exif header file
(Herbert J. Skuhra)
[tw] get rid of XID collision
[tw] code cleanup, mostly exif
[wd] Make conditional rotate leave images that fit alone.
[wd] Add --followlinks option to all symlinks to dirs.
[wd] Fixed inconsistency with rotate option, add
conditional rotation
[tw] Add runtime option to display Exif information
[tw] Add runtime option to toggle grab mode
[tw] Add support for embedded color profiles in tiff
[tw] Better fullscreen handling with multi monitors.
Xinerama is no longer needed.
[wd] Notice when a mouse click makes the display-text disappear.
[wd] Center display-text on the preferred xinerama screen.
[wd] Simplify image-move checking code and allow it to move
an image farther.
[tw] Replace GDK_<keyname> with GDK_KEY_<keyname>
[tw] Add support for embedded color profiles in jpg
[tw] replace gdk_window_set_icon with
[tw] add color profile support via lcms2. (patch by Hans
Philipp Annen)
[tw] when using "--watch" option, make sure pic is not reloaded
while still written.
[as] README: added note about obsoleted GTK v1
[as] qiv-command: more examples from Clint Pachl <pachl@ecentryx.com>
[tw] only center image upon reload when center
option is active
[tw] Do not break install if using a non existing
target location (clemens fischer)
[tw] make gdk options work again (e.g. --display)
[tw] Do not follow symlinked directories, when
using recursivedir option (Goswin v. Brederlow)
[tw] Add option to change cycle behavior after last
picture. (patch by Nicolas Pouillard)
[tw] Images were displayed twice when using --browse
option. (patch by Adam Lee)
[tw] Fix inconsistent behavior when using -x/-y/-z option.
[tw] add 'Q' icon in qiv-window
[tw] bring back scrollwheel functionality
(Based upon a patch sent by "Johnny")
Zoom in/out with left/right scroll and
forward/back buttons
[tw] change loading of images from imlib2_loader to
pixbuf_loader. Adds support for additional file
types, e.g. pcx, ico, svg, wmf and better handling
of transparency.
[tw] use gdk_pixbuf to autorotate with EXIF tags instead
of libexif. Note: needs at least GDK 2.12
[tw] Resetting the image (pressing return) no longer
destroys "transparency checkboard"
[tw] Fix compilation issues with unusual linker defaults.
Update solaris Makefile.
[tw] new option to start with default rotation
(patch submitted by Atsushi Kamoshida)
30.05.2009 [tw] fix -x (root window needs colormap)
[tw] patch pango code to avoid garbled output of F1
[as] fix wrong image size after autorotating
28.05.2009 [tw] recognize changed files, using --slideshow and --watch
[tw] sanitize infotextdisplay
[tw] check EXIF tags only after successful file loading
[tw] shuffle now implies not to sort filenames
[tw] fix autorotate with EXIF-tag
[tw] avoid crash calling qiv -x without argument
[ap] fix behaviour of "recursivedir" switch
[as] added note in README and qiv.h explaining a
problem of includes with imlib2 up to v1.2
[as] migrated notes in README from imlib1 to imlib2
[tw] migrated gdk_draw_text() to gdk_draw_layout()
fixing wrong display of utf-8 filenames
30.04.2009 [pw] migration from imlib1 to imlib2
05.03.2009 [as] Adam Kopacz delegated to new maintainer: Andy Spiegl
[as] new homepage: http://qiv.spiegl.de/
[as] removed obsoleted GDK_WA_WMCLASS
see http://library.gnome.org/devel/gdk/2.11/gdk-Windows.html#GdkWindowAttr
and http://developer.gimp.org/api/2.0/gtk/GtkWindow.html#gtk-window-set-wmclass
Thanks to Bernhard Kaindl <bk@suse.de>.
[as] added patch from Debian gtk_includes.diff, closes: #456854
[as] added patch from Debian cmdbuflen.diff, closes: #441401
Thanks to Norman Ramsey <nr@eecs.harvard.edu>.
[as] added patch from Debian man_xscreensaver.diff
[as] remove xscreensaver left overs from Makefiles
[sd] added autorotate patch (using libexif) by sdobrev@sistechnology.com
[as] display initial autorotation in status bar, option "autorotate"
[tw] patch to detect image types using libmagic
[de] removed TGA and XBM because not supported by imlib anymore
[de] exit on unmapped mouse events
[de] browse option -B, useful when launching qiv from a file manager
21.05.2007 [pre13] [ld] patch to prevent segfault on amd64
02.05.2007 [pre12] [as] avoid wrapper, include "XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1" in main.c
25.04.2007 [as] include README and README.TODO in debian package
README.TODO: fvwm style setting has to be for "therealqiv"
25.04.2007 [pre11] [as] include Debian changes and package files:
renamed README.CHANGES to Changelog
added patch hide_therealqiv (for Debian Bug #326849)
added patch xmalloc (Debian Bug #383113)
added patch qiv-manpage-options (Debian Bug #383108)
don't recurse directories given on command line (better: use -u)
NOT added: no_background_opts (can't reproduce Debian Bug #351816)
added patch qiv-nosort
[hl] patch to reset bright/contrast/gamma hitting "o" (2006-06-29)
24.04.2007 [as] more comments and examples in qiv-command
option -X to set preferred xinerama screen
key "X" cycles through available xinerama screens
after 'X' window moves to the new screen right away
prefix "^" instead "0" for extended call of qiv-command
workaround-patch by Bart Martens <bartm@knars.be>
for problem with X composite extension
try keep image on the screen after zooming/rotating
fixed centering=off behaviour in fullscreen mode
fixed "magnifying glass" windowsize bug
fixed compiler warnings "differ in signedness"
fixed compiler warning "missing sentinel in function call"
07.10.2005 [lc] bugfix: statusbar is redrawn after size changes and moves
30.09.2005 [lc] "magnifying glass" patch (not perfect yet)
call of qiv-command with "0"-prefixed option
10.05.2005 [pre10] [AK] Added Patch by Christoph Wegscheider <cw@wegi.net> (new QIV Debian maintainer).
Now all free Keys can be used by qiv-command
27.03.2005 [pre9] [jd] Another Xinerama bugfix (statusbar: now displayed on the smaller screen if two are used)
23.02.2005 [pre8] [as] new qiv-command feature:
if first output line is like "NEWNAME=xxxxxxx"
then qiv understands that the filename of the currently
displayed image has changed to this new name
(very useful when using qiv-command to rename files)
fix image position when zooming to avoid wild jumps
delete files from list if they cannot be loaded
display text popup after qiv-command not only in fullscreen mode
qiv_display_text_window: adjust minimum width of box
after qiv-command also check file size and ctime
avoid file overwrites in .qiv-select (NEEDS IMPROVING)
updated and added more examples to qiv-command
01.01.2005 [pre7] [ak] added small patch by Nick Clifton <nickc@redhat.com>:
setting WM_CLASS name to "qiv" (attr.wmclass_name).
05.12.2004 [pre6] [ak] changed a-key/copy to real copy (no links anymore)
11.09.2004 [pre5] [ak] patch-bugfix by Christian Lademann <lademann@zls.de>
01.09.2004 [pre4] [ak] adden patch by Christian Lademann <lademann@zls.de>
now slideshow (-s) can also be combine with -x/y/z
07.07.2004 [pre3] [ak] added -F Patch by Martin Fiedler <martin.fiedler@gmx.net>
now stdin can also be used..
16.06.2004 [pre2] [jd] Xinerama bugfix
26.05.2004 [pre1] [wd] small changes in delete-command
22.05.04 [ak] released v2.0!
08.05.04 [pre12] [ak] some Makefile.Solaris changes again
Work-Tests: Soalis=ok, FreeBSD (5.2-CURRENT): ok
07.05.04 [pre11] [ak] changed round(); to myround(); and fixed Makefile.Solaris
24.04.04 [pre10] [jk] fixed qiv_display_text_window
24.04.04 [pre9] [ak] added patch by Joachim Kuebart (kuebart@mathematik.uni-ulm.de)
if images is < 5 and PgUp is pressed, image_index might become negative..
[mc] small patch that remove a warning with gcc 3.4
19.04.04 [pre8] [jk] qiv_display_text_window update (Push any key..) - its really cool! :-)
[ak] cleaned up README, qiv-command.example, manpage..
19.04.04 [pre7] [jk] Fixed Help-Screen remove. Added qiv-command-stdout support, now
"metacam" (EXIF-Header) or other tools can be used within qiv and
the output is shown in a box in the pixture like the helpscreen.
18.04.04 [pre6] [ak] All arrow-keys = normal moving.
All arrow-keys+Shift = faster moving.
NumPad-arrow-keys+NumLock = faster moving.
18.04.04 [pre6] [ak] All arrow-keys = normal moving.
All arrow-keys+Shift = faster moving.
NumPad-arrow-keys+NumLock = faster moving.
18.04.04 [pre5] [mc/ak] Added patch: Faster moving of pictures with pushed Shift+Arrow-Keys.
14.04.04 [pre3/4] [jd] Xinerama patch (MultiHead XFree86 V. 4.0+)
23.02.04 [pre2] [ak] fixed manpage (ignore_path_sort was wrong)
08.01.04 [pre1] [ak] Added patch by HaJo Schatz (hajo@hajo.net):
"--disable_grab, -G" Disable pointer/kbd grab in fullscreen mode
for Remote-Display stuff.
13.12.03 [-----] [ak] Cleaned up version-stuff and released 1.9 :-)
10.11.03 [pre19] [ok] added patch: capability to watch a file for changes, --watch/-T options
27.09.03 [pre18] [ak] removed qiv_set_cursor_timeout from fullscreen-key-event. It hangs with FVWM2.
27.09.03 [pre18] [js] added patch: capability to drag the image with the mouse in fullscreen mode
and fixed bugs related to background repainting with --bg_color
23.09.03 [pre17] [ak] added patch by Johannes Stezenbach <js@convergence.de>
which hides the mouse cursor after one second and redisplays it when the mouse
is moved. I also cleaned up bugs with the delay adjustments (F11/F12), and made
sure the 'q' key comes through even when starting with delay 0.
13.09.03 [pre16] [ak] added patch / undelete (link) replaced by rename. Now also works on FAT.
09.09.03 [pre15] [ak] added patch / delete (link) replaced by rename. Now also works on FAT.
16.06.03 [pre14] [ak] added patch by Robert R. Pavlis <rpavlis@pittstate.edu>
fixed event queues (KeyComands). Now a key can be hold down for a while ;)
25.05.03 [pre13] [ak] added patch by Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> / DEBIAN
Fixed handling of non existing images (no crash anymore)
24.05.03 [pre12] [ak] added patch by Martin Pitt <martin@piware.de> / DEBIAN
Now -d can contain 0.5 seconds or so..
16.02.03 [pre11] [ak] added patch by Drew Cohan <drewcohan@drewcohan.com>
Key F11/F12 now in-/decrease the Slideshow-Delay (+/- 1 sec).
Think its maybe time for QIV v2.0 ?! :-)
13.01.03 [pre10] [ak] added patch by J'raxis 270145 <software@jraxis.com>
--file=<file> (-F) option to qiv to allow it to read
image/directory names from a text file
24.12.02 [pre9] [ak] added PBM support (just the extension)
20.10.02 [pre8] [ak] added patch by Wayne Davison <wayne@opencoder.net>
scale-down rotation quirk.
20.10.02 [pre7] [ak] added patch by Kim Rasmussen <kr@get2net.dk>
fixed WM "wmx v6" centering problem.
04.10.02 [pre6] [ak] added patch by Lin Zhemin <ljm@ljm.idv.tw>
A-key to copy images to "./.qiv-select".
26.09.02 [pre5] [ak] added patch by Wayne Davison <wayne@opencoder.net>
(some small changes)
11.09.02 [pre4] [ak] added patch by Geoff Richards <qef@rosies-dumplings.co.uk>
great patch to reduce flicker while moving in fullscreen :-)
26.08.02 [pre3] [ak] added patch by Simon Budig <Simon.Budig@unix-ag.org>
removed "-u". qiv is now detecting directorys.
added "-R" (readonly option).
10.08.02 [ak] added jpeg ".jpe" support (just the extension).
05.08.02 [pre2] [ak] added patch by Qef Richards <qef@rosies-dumplings.co.uk>:
changed the option handling slightly so that invalid arguments to
options which want numbers will be detected and a suitable error message printed.
20.07.02 [pre1] [ak] now using qiv_load_image after qiv-command (no segfaults anymore)
16.07.02 [----] [ak] Released 1.8 :-)
07.07.02 [pre8] [ak] added zoom in/out bugfix from Qef Richards <qef@rosies-dumplings.co.uk>
29.06.02 [pre7] [as] fixed load_time. now the real render/load/display-time is displayed.
09.06.02 [pre6] [as] fixed image moving
merged update_m_image and update_z_image into update_image
05.06.02 [pre5] [as] fixed trashdir and delete path,
fixed rounding error of zoom factor in statusbar
added support for transparency in fullscreen mode
(leaves a problem with the disappearing window border)
added a Transparency toggle
added possibility for the statusbar in non-fullscreen mode
added command line switch "I" to force display of the statusbar
changed command line switch ignore_path_sort from "I" to "P"
added command line switch "W" for a fixed zoom factor
added a Center mode toggle
changed meaning of page down/up keys
16.05.02 [pre4] [ak] Added reload-after-qiv-command-patch from "Andy Spiegl <qiv.andy@spiegl.de>"
12.05.02 [pre3] [ak] Added Iconify-Patch (Key: I) from "Goetz Waschk <waschk@informatik.uni-rostock.de>"
29.12.01 [pre2] [ak] Added manpage-patch (qiv-command changes) from James M Corey
31.07.01 [pre1] [ak] added patch from Matthias Kilian <kili@outback.escape.de>
(adds random order when starting qiv in shuffle mode &
fixed deleting and undeleting a picture which is a symlink)
05.07.01 [----] [ak] added a qiv-command.example & released 1.7 :-)
10.06.01 [pre9] [ak] added qiv_command_patch from post@volker-wysk.de
03.06.01 [pre8] [ak] image_moving now uses func update_m_image. no screen clean first anymore -> faster moving :)
zoom now uses update_z_image -> a little bit faster zoom (+0.1s?)
11.05.01 [pre7] [wd] Fixed window-resizing in non-fullscreen mode.
Fixed combining -x with -m or -t.
02.05.01 [pre6] [wd] Fixed mouse-hiding on button-push when fullscreen.
Added some missing names to the doc file.
30.04.01 [pre5] [wd] Hide the mouse on keypress and button push when it is
in the qiv window (the mouse is re-shown on mouse
movement). Improved the sort algorithms (particularly
the numeric sort).
02.04.01 [pre4] [wd] rreaddir() patch.
28.03.01 [pre3] [wd] Added undelete image command (bound to u & U). Allow the
user to specify multiple -u options and also to specify
files on the commandline in addition to -uDIRs. Added
new commandline sorting options (-I, -M, & -N).
Optimized rreaddir(), next_image(), and get_random().
Improved the implementation of shuffle. Other misc.
(and minor) bug fixes and tweaks.
20.02.01 [pre2] [yf] removed slideshow_exit from default event.
17.02.01 [pre1] [yf] added the option -w x or --width x for displaying with a fixed
18.01.01 [1.6] [ak] killed "pre8" string, -v (gzip) - we dont neet verbose mode *g*
release qiv 1.6
06.01.01 [1.6] [df] Put 'm' back in help text (oops!)
06.01.01 [pre8] [df] Rewrote part of the extension filtering code.
06.01.01 [pre8] [df] Move the program used to compress man pages
(gzip -9vf) up to the top so that it can be
disabled easily.
06.01.01 [pre8] [df] Some HP-UX compilation fixes.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Change zoom_in/zoom_out so that they will break
out of maxpect/scale_down mode, and make
maxpect/scale_down override each other.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] A whole bunch of other cleanups.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Updated keys help text for rotation/moving.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Fixed bug that caused the image not to update
when brightness/contrast/gamma was re-adjusted
to 0/0/0 (with either the Enter key or B/C/G.)
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Merged README.SPEED_UP into README.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Don't reset image size when rotating, and scale
properly according to maxpect/scale_down.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Fold filter.c into main.c.
05.01.01 [pre7] [df] Big cleanup: move everything pertaining to the
image into a qiv_image struct and pass that as
an argument to most functions. Got rid of a lot
of global variables.
04.01.01 [pre6] [df] gzip manpage with -9 (This is required for
Debian packages, and is a good idea anywhere).
04.01.01 [pre6] [df] Replace strcpy/strcat with strncpy/snprintf in
rreaddir and move2trash to prevent a few more
possible overflows.
04.01.01 [pre6] [df] Clean up initialization code.
04.01.01 [pre6] [df] Redo color handling: remove GDK deprecated
functions and internal color list. Now you can
use any color from X's rgb.txt or equivalent
(however, you may have to change '123456' to
03.01.01 [pre5] [df] Fix Makefile to handle fonts with spaces in
their names.
03.01.01 [pre5] [df] Use actual font height when drawing the help
screen and statusbar instead of hardcoding it.
03.01.01 [pre5] [df] Plug text_font and statusbar_background_gc
memory leaks.
03.01.01 [pre5] [df] Use helpstrs in show_help to avoid duplicating
the help text.
03.01.01 [pre5] [df] Change raw keysyms to symbolic names in
02.01.01 [pre4] [df] Use NULL for the sentinel value in
02.01.01 [pre4] [df] Updated man page.
02.01.01 [pre4] [df] Replace random() with rand(), since the
HAVE_RANDOM check didn't really work
properly, rand is guaranteed to be there,
and it's acceptible for the amount of
randomness we need. This facilitated some
more Makefile improvements.
02.01.01 [pre4] [df] Reorganized the source layout a bit.
Optional code now lives in the lib/ dir.
02.01.01 [pre4] [df] Resync Makefile.Solaris to Makefile, and
make some minor fixes to each.
01.01.01 [pre3] [df] Updated -e to work properly with the new
centering stuff. This is now considered a
feature, not a workaround ;-)
01.01.01 [pre3] [df] Put x and y hints into the window when we
create it (should eliminate the "window
pops up and then centers itself" problem.)
01.01.01 [pre3] [df] Removed last traces of wm_handle kludge,
and set StaticGravity instead.
31.12.00 [pre3] [df] Only call gdk_show_window on load, not
every single time we update.
31.12.00 [pre3] [df] Replaced strsort with qsort. (should be
faster, doesn't have an illegal name ;-)
31.12.00 [pre3] [df] Replaced sprintf with snprintf and
g_snprintf to prevent any possible overflows.
31.12.00 [pre3] [df] Cleaned up some extraneous blank lines in
05.12.00 [pre2] [ak] another PPC fix.
27.11.00 [pre1] [ak] changed "char c" to "int c" in options.c
not worked with char on Linux/ppc
(mailed by Jiri Masik <masik@darbujan.fzu.cz>)
23.09.00 [pre3] [ak] Released v1.5 - new homepage: www.klografx.net/qiv/
05.08.00 [pre3] [ak] cleaned up readmes..
05.08.00 [pre2] [ak] changed up/down and left/right moving of the image.
now the stuff works like in ACDSee (Win).
30.07.00 [pre1] [ak] added limits for moving.
28.07.00 [1.4] [ak] added solaris 2.5 patch from francois.petitjean@bureauveritas.com
25.07.00 [1.4] [ak] added image moving with left/right/up/down-keys! :)
tried to fix reset_display_settings (b/g/c) but it dont work.. hm
added zoom_out limits (64x64).
changed keys: now K and L rotate the image.
25.06.00 [pre4] [da] Sending a SIGUSR1 to qiv will cause the program to flip to next
picture. SIGUSR2 will move to previous.
15.06.00 [pre3] [ak] re-added b/c/g to titlebar/infoline.
painted new intro.jpg *g*
29.04.00 [pre2] [al] image shuffling option (--shuffle) provides random image
order while preserving next and previous functionality.
13.04.00 [pre1] [ak] cleaned up infoscreen/added more info and kicked "show_info".
03.04.00 [pre1] [da] The delay time in slideshow mode used to include the time
it took for a picture to load.
Pressing '?' in non-fullscreen mode results in the help
being printed to stdout.
03.04.00 [pre4] [ak] updated man-page and info-screens. also added "qiv: " to title and info-bar.
RELEASED v1.3-finale.
03.04.00 [pre4] [ab] patch to run a script called "qiv-command" with the key
number and the filename as parameters. keys: 0-9.
13.02.00 [pre3] [de] utils.c patch.
added recursive file retrieval (-u option)
30.10.99 [pre2] [ak] removed b/c/g limits to enable nice effects like b0/c-100/g0 :-)
05.10.99 [pre2] [ak] added SPEED_UP readme.
28.09.99 [pre2] [ak] added nice "infotext" stuff that shows a short info about the
called function in the statusbar (maxspect: on/off and so..)
24.09.99 [pre1] [hk] started using a better random-slideshow generator.
23.09.99 [da] "?" patch :)
23.09.99 [aw] transparency bugfix.
17.06.99 [ak] no_replace is now default fpr random-slideshow.
the parameter has been removed.
14.06.99 [ak] added TO-DO list
14.06.99 [ej] added slideshow_without_replacement_patch
27.04.99 [ak] added #include <string.h> to image.c
21.04.99 [df] changed Makefile to use the system's getopt if it's
availible, took the getopt section back out of
README, updated install-xscreensaver to use -fitsd
style options, fixed -h typo.
21.04.99 [pa] Included GNU getopt_long sources and deleted the
non-getopt code from options.c.
20.04.99 [ak] kicked make test ;) now its in make install again.
20.04.99 [df] added HAVE_GETOPT_LONG conditional compilation stuff
for Solaris/FreeBSD, rescued xscreensaver stuff from
install.sh into Makefile, shuffled INSTALL into README
and reformatted a bit.
20.04.99 [ak] kicked user_settings from qiv.h (nw in Makefile)
added --help. small changes in manpage.
19.04.99 [df] rewrote Makefile (replacing install.sh), fixed syntax
of -e, rewrote option-parsing code to use getopt, axed
really long usage message, header file reorg.
17.04.99 [ak] removed prefix from install.sh. don't ask me why, but this
don't works here with my bash 2.01 :(
15.04.99 [de] Makefile changes/additions (test/debug targets)
Added prefix to install script
13.04.99 [ak] man page update, many tests, new image <g>.
08.04.99 [pa] fixed the "-d 0" problem :-)
07.04.99 [pa] fixed the slideshow/key problems from pre4 with some
glib versions.
06.04.99 [pa] slideshow fixes.
[ak] removed old language.h/stuff.
02.04.99 [pa] Reorganized everything to use events and not to eat up
100% CPU time. Got rid of sleep() in slideshow, thus
making qiv react faster. Random now works not only in
slideshow. In random non-slideshow mode, terms "next
image" and "previous image" are essentially the same,
as they both are random. Image jumping uses main
event handler now.
01.04.99 [pa] added utils.c patch for FreeBSD.
22.02.99 [to/ak] added 8bpp patch for better to_root drawing.
27.01.99 [ak] kicked the language stuff.
updated manpage.
tested with newest libraries (gtk/glib 1.1.13, Imlib 1.9.2).
19.11.98 [ak] addec --center, -e for disabling window_centering
13.11.98 [de] speed_ups
10.11.98 [ak] configure script, directiries for language files.
added language-information to qiv -v
09.11.98 [de] incorporated Roland Trique's <rtrique@pratique.fr> french
minor bug-fix to pointer/keyboard grabbing/ungrabbing
05.11.98 [ak] fixed --do_grab for wm=0
added --display and --wm to man-page
made qiv ready for releasing 1.0 :-)
added error_handler for set_background_image...
painted a new and also wonderful <g> intro.png (with the GIMP).
03.11.98 [ak] added gdk_beep(); for bad images (error handler).
03.11.98 [de] better WM_HANDLE= support.
better command_line support for Solaris.
03.11.98 [ak] added window_manager_handling.. the damm center_stuff seems
to be a general GDK problem :-( no way to fix it (at the moment)..
so YOU must tell qiv which WM you are using.. see README selection
"Center Problem"..
02.11.98 [de] removed getopt stuff (now qiv manually checks commandline
30.10.98 [ak] small changes in main.c: now --display :1 or so works.
27.10.98 [ak] added tga support to main.h/Makefile
played with the "first window centered" problem..
it's not fixed 100%, but better then bevore :)
25.10.98 [de] changed bg_color option to use 24 bits (6 numbers - like HTML)
cleaned up move2trash function
24.10.98 [de] added more color names
22.10.98 [de] --no_filter option works again
added --bg_color (-o) option to change root background color
when setting root background image with --root (-x)
20.10.98 [de] modification to bcg variable names to remove warning on Solaris
mouse grabbing is no longer the default (use --do_grab (-a) to
grab the pointer in windowed mode).
18.10.98 [ak] removed error_xpm. now we set only the background_color to blue.
painted a wonderfull intro.jpg <g> and added to make install.
17.10.98 [de] grouped functions into separate files
16.10.98 [de] added imlib dithering for 8 bit displays
15.10.98 [de] fixed another solaris issue with stdlib.h and random/srandom
(see the Makefile if you're having problems compiling)
15.10.98 [ak] more comments, small changes in man-page...
14.10.98 [de] added --version, -v switch for version information
13.10.98 [ak] added --no_grab, -a for disabling keyboard/mouse grabbing in windowed mode.
added -y/-x also for "no getopt.h"-users ;)
11.10.98 [de] cleaned up code for 1.0 release
added x/y/z keys for setting bg (center/tile/stretched) while
qiv is running
removed x key from exit sequence
added keyboard/mouse grabs to qiv (now fullscreen works right)
changed mouse events to work off release instead of press
--root_s, -z shows the image stretched on root.
11.10.98 [ak] --root. -x now center the image on root (can be used with -m or so..).
--root_t, -y shows the image tiled on root.
08.10.98 [ak] added pnm support
0.9.1 (Solaris NOW!)
08.10.98 [ak] small changes in manpage..
08.10.98 [de] made 0.9 ready for Soliaris/SunOS. (fixed getopt.h stuff).
04.10.98 [ak] added render_time (x.xs) to title- and statusbar.
changed statusbar_color from white to orange.
small code-cleanup.
04.10.98 [de] added more stuff to manpage.
03.10.98 [ak] removed doc/ and added qiv.1 to install.sh
03.10.98 [de] created manpage :)
03.10.98 [da] fixed problem with not taking into account the null
terminator of some strings (char xyz[x+1]).
01.10.98 [ak] added --no_statusbar (-i) and i/I keys for on/off.
added doc/ + install of README file.
small changes in usage (its now smaller).
fixed statusbar => works! :-)
statusbar is now white - added black (1 pixel) border.
Changes is now installed to.
30.09.98 [ak] fixed error_xpm.. now w=500 and h=400 in windowed and
w=screen_x, h=screen_y (fullscreen) in fullscreen mode.
collor is now BLUE :-) like "bluewin95" :))
statusbar added for fullscreen mode.. but its alpha, black
text without a background color or so at the moment..
30.09.98 [ak] happy birthday to me.. happy.. <g> yes, i'm 20 now :)
29.09.98 [de] extension filter can be disabled now: --no_filter (-n)
28.09.98 [jk] fullscreen_mode: instead of blanking the whole window,
blanks only the areas which aren't going to be covered by
the picture. (?)
25.09.98 [de] bugfix: move2trash: the problem was that the subdirectories
were NOT being created in the .qiv-trash directory.
25.09.98 [ak] removed the error.h (error_xpm[])
not you will get a black screen (500*400)...
22.09.98 [de] filter stuff: now non case-sensitive
23.09.98 [fc] fixed: transparency in fullscreen, jump2image
22.09.98 [ak] imlib_load error handler.
22.09.98 [de] changes on the filter stuff (+Makefile).
adds rotate right/left, flip horizontal/vertical and
some minor bug fixes to qiv.
18.09.98 [de] added image_filter, pre-increment and removed dir_check.
16.09.98 [de] jxx -> usage
16.09.98 [fc] bugfix (floating point exception).
16.09.98 [de] "jt15[enter]" - qiv should go to image 15,
"jb5[enter]" - qiv should go back 5 images to image 10,
"jf7[enter]" - qiv should go forward 7 images to image 17
15.09.98 [de] usage + b/c/g again.
15.09.98 [ak] small "--help" changes. sys/time.h :)
15.09.98 [de] b/c/g fix + delete (move to .qiv-trash) funktion :-)
15.09.98 [fc] fixes + comments.
15.09.98 [rn] fixed -r and order.
14.09.98 [ak] maxpect on/off keys: m/M and scale_down (t/T)
-x (set X11 background)
14.09.98 [rn] code_rewrite (clean up) and maxpect
12.09.98: [de] random slideshow (-r),
brightness, contrast and gamma.
09.09.98: [fc] code cleanup
09.09.98: [fc] full_screen mode and imwheel support.
08.09.98: [fc] slideshow and mouse-bindings :-)
07.09.98: [ak] fixed transparency again.. now it seems to work fine, but
now all windows don't get a border (FVWM2)..
07.09.98: [ak] fixed 'first_window_was_not_centered'-bug..
07.09.98: [sw] changes in auto_resize funktion.
now only to large images will be scalled down. (a/A removed)
05.09.98: [ak] fixed transparency bug.
04.09.98: [ak] removed 200% zoom limit.
04.09.98: [ak] added s/S key for en- disabling autoresize + -DAUTORESIZE
for enabling on startup.
04.09.98: [sw] auto_resize funktion.
04.09.98: [sw] auto_loop on next/prev image.
31.08.98: [ak] using gdk_imlib_kill_image for disabling Imlib-Caching.
the caching is a verry good feature, but when you view 100
pictures or so then your system begins to swap..
30.08.98: [hm/ak] loading of more than one pictures (*.jpg or so)
30.08.98: [ak] center_placement.. but this looks ugly because
gdk (1.1.2(cvs)/FVWM2 with OpaqueMove) make a refresh beetwen
resize and move :( any ideas ? on KWM this works fine...
29.08.98: [ak] fixed 100% 'bug'
29.08.89: [ss] min_zoom_size=5%, max=200%, auto-resize (window)