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A Raspberry Pi Pico is used to revive an old NES Gamepad with a USB port.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Contains some MicroPython projects for Raspberry Pi Pico (W). is an alarm clock intended to simulate sunrise. It runs on the Pico W and is configured via your web browser.

Updated 2 months ago

Code for reading an old NES gamepad using the Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040s programmable IO (PIO).

Updated 3 months ago

Software synthesizer and tracker using a RP2040 PWM module.

Updated 3 months ago

Uses the RP2040's Programmable IO to create a PAL colour video signal. It consists of the PIO program, some "driver" and tools code, a test program and a program for creating colour Look-up Tables (LUTs).

Updated 4 months ago