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Raspberry Pi Pico (W) replacement board for the popular

Updated 2 months ago

Manage a HUB75 LED-Matrix from any web browser.

Updated 3 months ago

Mass-Creating GitLab users and projects

Updated 5 months ago

Trying serial communication to a circuitpython based microcontroller from node.js

Updated 6 months ago

Tiny Keypad

Updated 7 months ago

Creates a bunch of titles for use in kdenlive

Updated 7 months ago

stuff that does not really warrant its own repository

Updated 8 months ago

Have Telegraf pull metering data from your Shelly Plug S and maybe even visualize that in Grafana!

Updated 9 months ago

Coding Puzzles from (2021 edition)

Updated 10 months ago

The neat Raspberry Pi webcam project at could benefit from a status display. This is an attempt at implementing that.

Updated 12 months ago

Tiny Test of Theatre.js

Updated 1 year ago

Pixelflut is great, but if you can't be in the same room together, you need a headless version!

Updated 1 year ago

Advent of Code 2020, riddles here:

Updated 2 years ago

chat-roulette-like video calling that uses jitsi meet

Updated 2 years ago

take a spreadsheet, create a series of printable labels.

Updated 2 years ago